20 Things Women Should Know Jordan


Very few modern ladies from the USA and Western Europe have this character trait. They consider men to be the leaders in a relationship, so they respect their opinions and decisions and usually agree with them. This makes many Western men prefer Jordanian girls to their compatriots for serious relationships and marriage. The country’s most famous poet is Mustafa Wahbi al-Tal, who is among the major Arab poets of the twentieth century.

Her family is of Palestinian descent (her father was from Ṭūlkarm, her mother from Nablus) and was born and raised in Kuwait. Rania is highly educated; she has a business administration degree from the American University in Cairo and before marrying King Abdullah II in January 1993, she worked as a banker. As Queen, Rania has championed women’s rights, access to education, environmental concerns, and the development of strong Jordanian communities. In March 2008, she launched a video blog as part of her efforts to deconstruct stereotypes about Arabs and promote dialogue with the West.

Wives of this nationality never treat their spouses and parents-in-law disrespectfully. They are courteous, polite, and soft-spoken towards them. Also, they adhere to their advice and respect their opinions and decisions. People from this country consider loyalty to be one of the best virtues a person can have. It is especially relevant when it comes to family.

I never wore a headscarf unless I was in a place where it was required, and while I stood out as a foreigner and got a lot of looks, none of them were hostile or threatening. English isn’t spoken by everyone, but by enough people that you will be fine and able to get around. In tourist areas such as Petra, you will find uniformed Tourist Police, who are wonderful when if you, like me travel alone, can never get a good picture of yourself in front of a monument. They speak English and will offer assistance if needed.

You will, however, come to discover that these women actually have engaging minds and possess a great talent for conversing. In time, Jordanian wife will come to trust and maybe even truly find more at https://countrywaybridalboutique.com/asian-women-features/jordanian-women-features/ love you. A similar law was struck down in Tunisia during that same summer, and thus the change in Jordan’s code can also be seen as a part of a global campaign, in addition to its crediting as the fruits of local organizing. Queen Rania of Jordan has used her position and power to support women’s rights.


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