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And right here we have our initially use of lo que!Let’s choose a glance at when and how to use lo que:1. To indicate one thing without the need of providing it a name – “What,” “the matter that”If you glimpse at the English translation of the sentence earlier mentioned “You are what you take in”, the Spanish edition does not seem that rational if you’re a starter learner. I have learners that would preserve expressing eres que comes as an alternative of eres lo que comes translating the English sentence word by term. You need to keep in mind a easy rule: if you want to say “what” applied in English as a pronoun, use lo que adopted by a conjugated verb.

Lo que in this circumstance indicates “the thing that,” and you use it to refer to an summary concept. Sabes lo que haces. You know what you are doing. Escuché lo que dijo.

I read what he reported. rn¿Entiendes lo que quiere decir? Do you have an understanding of what she would like to say?Lo que quería saber primero era cuánto tiempo iba a tardar. What I required to uncover out very first was how lengthy it was likely to just take. 2. To point out a thing that has just been stated – “which”Lo que also introduces another clause or sentence to which it relates and describes.

(If you want to understand additional about clauses, have a glimpse at All About Adverbial Clauses in Spanish. ) You are going to translate lo que in this circumstance to the relative pronoun “which. ” You can use it as a synonym to lo cual. Thoughts the comma in advance of lo que listed here, the very same as in English!A Pedro le dieron un carro, lo que le hizo muy feliz. (lo cual le hizo muy feliz) They gave Pedro a vehicle, which manufactured him pretty joyful. Mis papás me prohibieron salir, lo que nunca entendí. buy an essay reddit (lo cual nunca entendí) My mother and father forbade me to go out, which I hardly ever comprehended. Check out this tune utilizing lo que : ‘Lo que te di’ (What I Gave You) by Marc Antony. When and how to use lo de. Do you keep in mind my January struggles? ¿Lo de la dieta? (That detail about food plan?) ¿Lo de adelgazar? (That matter about shedding fat?) Very well, I am still there but let’s go back again to our grammar dilemmas. This phrase seems to be related to lo que in its to start with indicating. Even so, it truly is not the “the factor that” but “that detail about,” and you can expect to use it in completely distinct combinations in phrases of grammar. Use lo que with a conjugated verb.

Use lo de with an infinitive, noun, and even an adverb. Lo de la dieta (noun) Lo de adelgazar (infinitive)Let’s look at some illustrations of how to use this phrase with different sections of speech. With an infinitive. Lo de casarse, ¿es verdad? That point about having married, is it genuine?With a proper noun. Lo de Juan no puede ser cierto. That factor about Juan can not be correct. With a noun. Tenemos que hablar de lo de la casa.

We have to talk about (that point about) the dwelling. With an adverb of time or place. rn¿Escuchaste lo de ayer? Did you hear about yesterday?If you need to have a fast reminder on what are nouns, infinitive, and adverbs examine out The eight Pieces of Speech. Ok, now you know now the technological portion of employing lo de but what about its meaning?Here’s a search at a few conditions the place you may use it:1. That thing (about) / that strategy / that tale / that predicament. As we explored in the illustrations earlier mentioned, lo de can refer to “that issue” or “that idea. ” Let’s see some more examples:Lo de mudarme fue un error. That thought about moving was a miscalculation. rn¿Te acuerdas de lo de mañana? ¡Qué no se te olvide! Do you don’t forget that factor about tomorrow? Really don’t neglect it!Pásame lo de atrás.

Move me that point from the again. 2. Things / things. In some other scenarios you can translate it simply as “issues” or “stuff. ” Just take a look:No tengo espacio para poner mi laptop, lo de Juan está por todos lados. I do not have room to place my laptop computer, Juan’s stuff is just about everywhere. Lo de dibujar está en el cajón. The points to draw are in the drawer. 3.

Someone’s spot. In some conditions, it can even suggest somebody’s house or location. In Argentina there is a properly acknowledged chain of rapidly food dining establishments with delicious empanadas called Lo de Jacinto.


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