Five Easy Tips for Raising Multicultural Kids


There is also an evidence that mental issues in children caused by parental separation can continue well into adulthood (Amato & Keith, 1991; Chase-Lonsdale, Cherlin, & Kiernan, 1995; Rodgers, 1994). In this case it can be suggested that she was exploited in a blended family after her mother remarried including sexual abuse by her stepbrother. Parents need to be intentional in planning for adopting a child with a different racial or cultural background and can use the resources below in their journey.

  • She suggests using multimedia to help children develop a healthy sense of self.
  • Getting your son to read more is a great way to bond with him, help him get better grades, and spend quality time together.
  • Print a word search, coloring sheets, a “how many can you find” sheet, or a printable showing how to count to 10 in a different language.
  • Multicultural parenting refers to the approach to parenting that is informed by the cultural values, beliefs, and practices of more than one culture.

We need men who are willing to step up and do half of the work on the home front in a relationship. We know that when you have young children at home, your productivity drops. This is a system that is fundamentally unfair to women, in the sense that women often take on the care of rearing small children, but also biologically take on the gestation, birthing, and maybe breastfeeding. Allow your child to make their own choices, while still maintaining cultural identity.

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Though the strategies and programs may differ in design and purpose, each seeks to build strong partnerships with families. Assess the Level of Trust in the School CommunitySelecting an assessment tool is a good place to start . Discuss perceptions of current school-family relationships with teachers, administrators, students, parents, and other family members; identify specific barriers to trust in your community; and solicit input from all parties on ways to address them. Family and community involvement that is linked to student learning has a greater effect on achievement than more general forms of involvement. To be effective, the form of involvement should be focused on improving achievement and be designed to engage families and students in developing specific knowledge and skills (p. 38). In most cases, such trust is built over time, based on sustained interactions between the parties in question. “In the absence of prior contact,” Bryk and Schneider assert, families and educators “may rely on the general reputation of the other and also on commonalities of race, gender, age, religion, or upbringing” to assess a new person’s trustworthiness.

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It is also worthwhile to note that children can quickly develop their language proficiency in the country where the family reside after they enrol in the school. If parents keep dating chinese women a distance from their children’s language development, sometimes there can be a language gap between parents and children. Her opinion is that growing in a multicultural family “is an asset because it provides you flexibility to find a place you can call home”. She says sometimes she’s jealous of people who have defined origins, but adds, “ gives you the tools to build the strong roots you choose to have”.

It’s funny because on the one hand, academia could be a better place for families than other careers. You can grade papers after the kids are in bed or get up early to work on a manuscript. Recently I had the opportunity to address my local church congregation about my faith. There is a lot going on in the world, a lot of hard and sad things. People are leaving organized religion and thanks to social media we get to hear all about it. My experiences with my own personal revelation have helped me deal with all the madness in the world.

Since many of us were taught not to talk about diversity, we don’t; leaving our kids just as lost as we were. Yet, our children are living in a world where diversity cannot be ignored.

By form, I mean a parenting cognition or practice as instantiated; by function, I mean the purpose or construal or meaning attached to the form. A proper understanding of the function of parenting cognitions and practices requires situating them in their cultural context . When a particular parenting cognition or practice serves the same function and connotes the same meaning in different cultures, it likely constitutes a universal. The same parenting cognition or practice can also assume different functions in different cultural contexts. Particular parental practices, such as harsh initiation rites, deemed less harmful to children in some cultures may be judged abusive in others.

Also, modeling good behavior and proper etiquette when interacting with people from different cultures can help build your child’s confidence and social skills. By teaching your child about the importance of culture and diversity, you’re helping them make a foundation for a successful future. Therefore, when working with blended families, it’s especially important to look at the entire family system. Family systems theory recognizes that individuals are better understood as part of their family, the emotional unit, rather than individually. Families are interconnected with each member having their own role and rules. Members in the system interact and respond to one another in particular ways that align with “relationship agreements” .

Being organized will make it easier for you to use the information to keep track of your child’s progress in school, and this School Record Keeping Folder is a practical way to do that. Each tabbed folder also has tips for gathering and using the information in that section to help your child to be successful in school. They will enjoy having a diverse group of friends and will continue to foster diverse friendships. We’re still in our Beta stage and would love to hear from you on how we can improve. Now, I can hear you, busy momma, screaming inside your head “who has time to make these crafts?! Which is why I choose very simple activities that have shortcuts.

There is so much you can learn this way — history, geography, art, languages, cooking — what an awesome way to connect our kids to the world around them. Since when I became a mother, I’ve kept wondering how will our multicultural family influence our children’s cultural identity.Adopting our son from Indiahas added a new layer to this. What actions can I take as a parent to help them navigate through their identity building journey? I am blessed with many friends from other countries and cultures, and some of them were so kind to share their story with me for my new blog series “Growing up in a multicultural family“. Dr. Ferguson points out that children from multicultural backgrounds often experience feelings of alienation. However, parents can counter this by embracing intersectionality as an identity and recognizing that their children are culturally plural. “Embrace that child represents all cultures that make up their household and that they belong in each of those cultures as firmly as someone who is not multiracial,” she says.

Laminated cards with questions to ask during your child’s Individualized Education Program meeting about the transition planning process. Special education records contain important information for making educational decisions. Parents should keep copies of the records and use them for educational planning with the school.


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