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how to spot fake news story

Nowadays many people love to create a sensation in order to attract all people attention. One of the media which they use usually is news. They create fake news in order to do something or you can call as a hidden motive. Here, for you who want to avoid such kind of thing, we have the tips on how to spot fake news story.

Verify the Source

The first thing you must do is to verify the source first. A real news will provide you with a reliable source rather than the suspicious one. Before believing the story is true, you need to check out the source. If it is from trusted one, you can believe the news story is true. Remember, to always check the source because it is really important to tell you which one is fake and real.

Grammatical Error

A real news will provide you with a right grammatical order. The news also does not put any complicated grammar. So, all people can understand it easily. Also, the real news never does such a silly thing as a typo. If you spot a news which has a typo, it will likely a fake one for sure. The real one will not have such mistake. The editor will proofread the article before it publishes.

Do not Depend on Social Media News

For all people who love to open social media everyday and see news story from there, you must stop right now. We can say for sure you will find much fake news because it is already targeted by many campaigners to promote it. They will edit the news so all people will interest to read the real one. Of course, not all of them are fake, you need to see the resource first before believing it. We also have news about the goods and the bads of social media. Find it out immediately.

fake news

If it is too Ridiculous Do not Read the News

It is normal to find a ridiculous news headline. Because it will attract many people to read it. But if the content of the news is unbelievable, close it immediately. Most likely, the news which you read is 100% fake. For your information, people who tell real news never edit it. They will publish it related to the fact without modifying it.


Hopefully, our article can help you to spot fake news. Do not forget to tell your friends or your relative. They might need it to avoid a fake one. If you still have a question, do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you as soon as possible.


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