Warframe Beginners Guide || The Best Way to Understand the Game Better!

warframe beginners guide

Warframe is really well known for the complicated gameplay. If you do not understand the mechanism of the game, you will die easily without a doubt. For that sole reason, we prepared Warframe Beginners guide to help you through the game. If you have a problem. You already know which website can help you.

Do Not See The Tutorial Screen

warframe gameplay

For your information, the tutorial in this game is not really helpful. It will make you confuse more. We recommend you only look at the button configuration. For the rest, just learn it by yourself. It will make you easier to adapt in the game. Practice all your weapon from a gun until sword. If you already mastered it, move forward to use it against the real enemy.

Sell Your Default Weapon Immediately

This game is really kind. You will get MK1 for the starter weapon. But do not except any special power within the weapon, it is really useless later on. If you completed the first stage, immediately sell all the weapon to buy a better one. If you do not do it, you will have a difficulty in the next stage. Do not need to worry about the credits, you will get the tremendous amount on your first mission along with the bonuses.

Upgrade Your Primary Weapon

warframe weapon

You already know you can upgrade everything which you used. In order to save up some credits, we recommend upgrading your primary weapon. You will not waste your time because most of them unlock a special slot. You can put inside an item which buffs your weapon. Although the cost is really expensive it is worth the effort for doing so.

Do Not Waste Your Platinum

This is your main currency. There are two ways you can get it. The first one by use in-app-purchase and the last one by playing special mission which grants you platinum as the final reward. You can buy an exclusive weapon and another useful item. But, we have another way to grant your free Platinum. It is by using Warframe hack tool. We found it accidentally on when looking for the best way to obtain it. Of course, we already tested it and works like a charm.


If you want to stay survive, be sure to follow our guide. If you know the method, this game is piece of cake. For people who have a question regarding this matter, we can answer it anytime. Just write down your problem in the comment below.


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