What Pictures to Put on Tinder: 5 Best and 5 Worst For Men


She mustn’t feel like you’re trying to hide any aspect of your appearance. It’s a high-res, front-facing photo that captures the user’s entire face. But that’s not the only aspect that’s working in this photo. Do your single self a favor and say no to selfies.

  • We recommend using this feature as your photos will automatically fit the recommended dimensions for Tinder.
  • Additionally, too many group pics can also make it seem like you don’t have much identity as an individual.
  • This moment is known as “the magic hour” precisely for that reason, because you will get tones and colors in your photos that will blow your mind.
  • Keep in mind you will have to meet up with your match and she’s going to see your smile.

Fortunately, you can work with a dating expert to write a better profile. Ask for them to give you advice or let them write your profile for you. Either way, you’ll increase your chances of finding a good match.You can find a dating expert by searching online.

Posing the face + Facial tips

And that gets them maybe one or two dates a MONTH. People swipe based on your first photo and not everyone bothers to check out your other photos if your first one is terrible.

Emlovz has a few photographers we can recommend in case you need a suggestion. This is because women can be simultaneously physically attracted and scared of a guy. Look, we’re complex, deal with it… or just take off the shades. Doesn’t this guy look more like the archetypical bond villain than prince charming? He looks like he just broke out of his own jail cell by bursting through the cell wall with his pectorals. This man is all about shooting his shot, both on the golf course and online.

How to go from matches to dates

And if it’s not possible, don’t worry, nowadays all cell phones and cameras have a timer. You can also use tripods for cell phones, if you got one, which you can take the photo by yourself. We’re working our magic to make swiping more fun and more effective. Tinder’s Smart Photos feature is designed to bring you more matches, but it’s also a great way to see which way of presenting yourself is the most compelling to others. You may be surprised to find out which of your photos takes the lead. To be successful on Tinder, you’re going to need good pictures.

Luxury items send the message that you are superficial and have expensive tastes. While this might not be true, it can cause people to swipe left.

Additionally, your visitors can focus on you, not the background providing that your background is simple and neat. Surprisingly, there was a gap of less than one percentage point for the message rates of men with only themselves in their photo (34.4%) versus two people (33.5%). However, the addition of a third person – or more – brought this down to a mere 22.7%. When it comes to generating meaningful interest in your profile and making connections, it seems to be best to keep things clearly focused on yourself. Of course, as you’ll see on the first screen that opens, to access Tinder and create a profile you need to link your account with Facebook or give your phone number. This is a major inconvenience for many people who fear that all their Facebook friends will know they are on this dating app but don’t panic! There are ways to block your friends or family from accessing your profile.

Every written line and every uploaded photo must be pithy. With only so much space to advertise yourself you’ll need to be meticulous when it comes to crafting the perfect visual poem. Smiles all around, physical contact with women -clearly good times are being had.

Even as an average-looking guy, you can set yourself apart from the pack by optimizing your Tinder pictures. Your Tinder pictures are — in all likelihood — the only thing standing between you and more matches than you know what to do with. Imagine your very own Dream Team of highly skilled dating experts searching for the very best local matches, sparking their interest, and arranging all the dates for you. For a lot of guys, selfies constitute their entire Tinder mailordergirlfriend.net photo lineup.

Don’t try too hard

Both Tinder photos and biography fields are there for a reason. Anyway, just take photos from regular angles and don’t feel the need to experiment much. You can also seem like a fun and cool person, an extrovert who enjoys other people’s company. But there is one thing you probably did not know – shirtless pics will repel a woman who is swiping on Tinder hoping to find someone she really likes. Guys, so we all know that you want to increase your chances of hooking up on Tinder by showing your abs and muscly chests. Do this, and be rest assured that the ladies will not only swipe right but also take a screenshot of your picture.

Tinder is now the world’s leading dating app by far, but the road to this position has not been a quick one. Note that you can also connect your Tinder profile with your Instagram account so they can see your latest Instagram photos and talk to you on Insta. PhotoAiD App also includes a cropping editor, so you can adjust your picture easily to look natural and in harmony with the background. Always look for a good background for your photos. If possible, make sure it is an outdoor location, where you will get better light. Try not to have anyone or anything behind you that could distract or spoil the photo. Think that smiling is one of the emotions that transmit the most in a photo.

International travel photos are highly encouraged. It’s not a big smile, but by opening his mouth and showing her pearly whites he’s signaling to the person on the other side of the screen that he’s not a threat. Humanize yourself by smiling and showcasing as much of your character as possible. It’s your job to be seen as more than just a contestant on a superficial digital dating game.


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