About Me

Hi, guys, my name is Kevin Suryadi Jaya and you can call me Kevin. Yeah, just Kevin because I think my name is too long. But, it is up to you, if you have another nickname for me. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia but now I’ve stayed in Tangerang since I was in junior high school and I love to be here. Now, I am a college student in one of the universities in Tangerang and this is my seventh semester in there.

Actually, my hobby is not writing or making some articles to be read by other people. My real hobbies are playing games and hang out with my friends or family. But, writing an article is my job and by the time I fell in love in making articles. That is the reason why I made this website.

About My Website

This is my website named kevindailystory where you can find so many articles starts from information, news, tips and tutorial. Why I named this website kevindailystory? As you know, Kevin is my first name so I don’t have to explain it again. And daily story refers to my everyday experience. Every information that I’ve got in my daily life, I shared on this website. I made this website because I love to write something. In this website, I wrote everything that I think will be useful for other people. It is because I love to share everything that I know, everything that I think it is interesting, not only for me but also others. My goal is to increase my knowledge and also other people’s knowledge. And I think it is important to have a good knowledge because it may be useful for our life in the future. From this website, I hope that I can help other people to gain their knowledge by sharing articles that contained a useful information.

Why Do I Want To Be A Blogger?

I’m still new in blogger world because I just started since the beginning of 2017. Yeah, you know, I still need more time to adapt to my new world but I will try my best. And now I’m still learning about how to be a good blogger. Maybe I’m still new but for me, to be a blogger is really nice because you can share everything that you think it is good to be shared and you can help other people at the same time. Why did I say that writing articles can help people? Because they can get a useful information by reading my articles. They will know about something that they don’t know before or maybe they never hear about it. That is the reason of why do I want to be a blogger because being a blogger is like a doctor who helps their patient but in a different way.

That is all about me that I can tell you. I hope that this website can help you in getting some information that may be useful. And I will keep writing so you can get a lot of information from this website. So, if you want to get so many information, you already know where to find it. Of course, kevindailystory is the best website to get a lot of information. Keep visiting my website and see you in my next article.