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KevinDailyStory.com – Writing for a guest post is getting popular nowadays. Beside to give more authority where completely could help rank our site. It can also send more traffic to our site or increase our brand awareness. KevinDailyStory is the best place for you to place your content. We receive almost 60k hit each month. We are sure, you could get from 5-7% of our readers if you could create an oustanding article.

Guest Post to Rank

We have stated before that doing this would help us to get more keyword ranked on better visibility. That is why, you should know what place we have to put our content. Good placement is everything.

Rules to Write for Us

We have several rules that you must consider before submitting your guest post application. You can check them below and learn all of them carefully.

  1. 1 OBL per post
  2. +3 images per post
  3. No promotion article
  4. 700+ min words article

Have you done reading they all? Once you have keep them in your mind. You can select your topic and make sure it can cover our categories.

Accepted Categories

  1. Tips
  2. Tutorial
  3. Home Design
  4. Wedding Design
  5. Insurance
  6. Health
  7. Medical Treatment
  8. Traveling
  9. Tour & Travel
  10. Hotel Promotion
  11. Games
  12. Makeup
  13. Body Building
  14. Lifestyle
  15. Diet
  16. Science
  17. Finance
  18. Business
  19. Gym
  20. Fitness
  21. Skincare
  22. Hair Treatment

Are you ready to send your first guest post? You can write for us right now and make sure that you have to follow all our guidelines.

How to do a guest post submission?

Have you done preparing your articles? Once you have ready for it. You can mail us at [email protected] or alternatively, you can check the form below.