Block Story Hero Guide, Build a Strong One!

block story hero guide

Do you know that hero is an important part of this game? We have to build our own hero. Today, we would like to share Block Story hero guide. It comes from many aspects that you have to follow as it can help you a lot.

Anyway, what class do you like to choose? We prefer mages as they are really great to mobs the enemy. If you are one of would like to have a challenge. Then, you may go to mage class.

Talking about hero guide. Everyone who plays this game really wants to have a strong hero. It is not about the equipment but it is what class do they take and how do they manage it. Now, we have sort out some guidelines for you to follow. Please read it properly to find out the key to success in this game.

  1. Check out your equipment status, make sure it fits each other.
  2. Choose mages or digger class as it is the best class in the game that really helps you to kill every enemy that appears to you.
  3. Spend your skill point to your focus. Do not get all skills, it is better to have a few skill with the highest level you have acquired.
  4. Take passive skill as it will help you to be stronger and it does not consume your mana.
  5. Spend your diamonds to buy epic equipment. If you would like to know how to get diamonds. We have the best solution for you. You may refer to Block Story hack.

Those are 4 guides for us about how to build your hero to be the stronger one. We know it is really hard to do but if you keep trying. We can ensure your success would be easy to reach.

Last but not least, that is a hero guide from us. Hopefully, what we have shared here can be useful for you to play Block Story easily. Let us build a strong hero and conquer Block Story world.


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