5 Unique Jobs In The World That You May Never Know Exist

unique jobs in the world

For some people finding a good job is their main priority. Some of them think that they have to get a job where every people fight for it. They will fight to become a manager of a company or other prestigious job. But, for some other people, they want to get a job that no ones even knows that there is a job like that. They tend to choose the unique one. So, what are the unique jobs that I meant? Here, just check out some of the unique jobs in the world that you may not know before.

5 Unique Jobs In The World

Bike Courier

Bike Courier gives a service to deliver some messages or goods in the cities which too crowded by the transportation. As we know, some big cities are too crowded so the traffic jam is a usual thing that you will see every day. So, bike courier becomes a great solution since they can run through the city without any problem. And this job is quite popular such as in America because Bike Courier can deliver the package faster than a motorcycle or car.

Crime Scene Cleaner

Do you know if there is a crime such as a murder, there are people who clean the mess? Yeah, they called as Crime Scene Cleaner. They are the one who cleans up everything in crime scene like the blood and etc. I’m sure that some of you don’t know that there is a job like this before because it is one of the unusual jobs, right? So, do you brave enough to do this job?

Tea Tester

Do you like to drink the tea? If you like it, do you know that there are people who taste it first before being sold in the market? Yeah, there is tea tester who taste it first. They are a tea expert that know a lot about a good tea. They are really needed to make sure that the tea is good to be sold in the market.

Fortune Cookies Writer

Do you know what is fortune cookies? The cookies which have a message inside it. And do you know that the message inside the cookies was written by a person? Yeah, it was written by a person but they are really creative and smart. By using the imagination they have, they write the fortunes to be included inside the fortune cookies.

Bed Tester

I think this one is the best job ever. Do you know why? Because you just need to test a new bed to make sure that it is comfortable for people to sleep on it. The job is simple where you just need to sleep on it. And if you can sleep tightly, it means that the bed is good to be sold in the market.

That’s all about unique jobs in the world that I can share with all of you, guys. I hope this article can enrich your knowledge about some jobs that you may never know before. Then, thank you for visiting and reading my article. See you next time…


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