Why Bellevue, WA, is the Perfect Place to Start a Family


Bellevue has a reputation for being expensive and a mini-Seattle, but it’s so much more than you could ever expect. From the incredible food and culture to the endless nature and awesome job opportunities, it’s easy to fall in love with this area.

These are the top reasons why Bellevue is the best place to build a family!

1. Walkable Neighborhoods

One of the top reasons to move to Bellevue is how walkable the entire city is. You can enjoy riverside walks or simply walk to and from work and entertainment. This is awesome for anyone who’s tired of the traffic and doesn’t want to have to get in their car unless they’re heading into Seattle.

This is also an awesome perk for young families who want to ensure their kids will be safe walking around or playing outside.

2. Awesome City Fun Nearby

Bellevue has a lot of awesome entertainment and fun, but it’s also incredibly close to Seattle! Just across Lake Washington, you can see the skyline of the city without having to deal with the traffic, noise, and trouble that comes with living directly in Seattle.

This gives you a chance to drive into the city when you want fun and entertainment and then come back home to your quieter area the moment you’re ready.

3. Mix of Water and Mountain Living

When most people decide where they want to live, they have to pick between being close to a beach or being able to see mountains. Luckily, Bellevue allows you to have the best of both worlds. The entire city is river and lakeside, and you can see countless mountains and gorgeous PNW views from anywhere in the town.

If scenery is a big deal for you, and you don’t want to live somewhere visually boring, then Bellevue has you covered.

4. The Chance to Create a Passion for Learning

There are countless schools, museums, galleries, and so much more here that can help spark inspiration and excitement for education in kids of any age. Instead of letting your kids hate the idea of learning for fun, you can spark an interest in discovering why and how the world works and what our place is within it.

5. Properties that Gain Value Persistently

Although Bellevue houses for sale are some of the most expensive in the nation, they’re a fantastic investment. The market has slowed a little since the beginning of 2023, but these properties are still in high demand and offer the chance to stop and have your dream home double as a nest egg. If you ever want to retire, selling a home in Bellevue will cover the cost of moving into a retirement community in Redmond not far away, which means you have your future protected.

There’s No City Like Bellevue!

Despite the price and city living, Bellevue has everything you could ever need to raise a family. Visiting this amazing city will be enough to convince you to move here, and living here will feel like you’ve landed in paradise.


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