A Guide to Buying a Puffer Jacket


KevinDailyStory.com – When it comes to winter coats, few items can be as insulating as a Puffer Jacket. Designed to keep you warm, this quilted coat is lined with duck or goose feathers. The bulk of the feathers creates pockets of air which allow your body to retain warm air. While these pockets provide some warmth to your body, they also offer additional insulation against the cold weather. The puffy jacket is a great choice if you’re looking for a unique, stylish, and durable winter coat.

Choose the one that matches the clothes

The best puffer jacket is one that you can actually wear. Take stock of your wardrobe and choose a jacket that works with the clothes you already own. For example, if you have a black coat, a white jacket will go great with it. The same goes for a grey or blue puffer. Choose one that is brightly colored and works with your existing outfit. You’ll be glad you did! And if you want to stay eco-friendly and wear a puffer jacket on your next vacation, choose a jacket made from recycled materials.

Choosing a down or synthetic fill is a personal preference, but make sure you choose a jacket that is water resistant. Moisture makes you colder, so you’ll want a jacket that can wick away the water. Down is more insulating than synthetic fill, but it is also more bulky and heavier. If you do choose a down jacket, go for a higher fill power. Jenei recommends 400 fill power, but higher fill powers are better for freezing temperatures.

The warmest puffers are very efficient at insulating the body

Despite their name, puffer jackets are filled with down, insulation, or synthetic fibers. These fibers trap air, warming it as your body warms up the jacket. The warmest puffers are especially efficient at insulating the body, and can be used as windproof outer layers in cold climates. You can also choose a down packable jacket that is lightweight and portable. The insulated down makes it the perfect travel companion.

Hoods are the key to making puffer jackets

While relative warmth is the primary reason to purchase a puffer jacket, the style is no longer the sole purpose. A designer’s team scrutinizes every detail to ensure its products stay in style for years. Some of the top selling puffers at Bloomingdale’s include shimmering $1,500 Moncler coats. The hood is also the key to making a puffer jacket stand out in a crowd. When choosing a puffer jacket, make sure to find one that fits your personal style.

While many brands of down jackets are constructed of stitch-through construction, the most expensive ones use a box-wall construction, which houses the fill in brick-shaped baffles. This construction means that the down fill has ample room to loft, and there is no visible stitching. The extra fabric makes the jacket more expensive than the classic puffer. However, this construction is a practical solution for less extreme weather conditions and is also comfortable to wear every day.

Monochrome jacket always looks sophisticated

A black puffer jacket is a classic choice, and looks good with practically any outfit. This style is particularly versatile, as it can be paired with mom jeans, a knitted dress, a pencil skirt, and a pair of heeled boots. A monochromatic jacket always looks sophisticated, but you can play around with colors to make it more unique. There is a wide variety of ways to wear a puffer jacket and still look great.

SCHEELS offers a great selection of parkas and puffer jackets from leading brands such as The North Face and Canada Goose. The retailer carries down-filled puffer jackets, as well as parkas made with synthetic insulation. The store also offers winter coats for both men and women. There is something for everyone. Take a look! And remember to layer the right type of outerwear to protect yourself from the elements this winter.

A very popular and great looking choice

If you’re not quite ready to invest in a designer puffer jacket, you can opt for a vintage style. Vintage style puffer jackets are perfect for those looking for a retro vibe. They come in different colors and prints. A ’70s golden yellow style jacket is a classic example. They are an incredibly popular choice and look great with a variety of outfits. You can also try a puffer jacket on your kid’s outfit to complete the look.

Down is a popular material in winter jackets, and some brands have designed fully waterproof versions. These are typically niche products that cost hundreds of dollars. The good news is that most premium down jackets are extremely durable. The down is 650 fill power, which is ultra-warm and makes a great jacket for a cold day. And a detachable hood filled with down makes it even more versatile. And if you’re a woman who loves comfort, you’ll love the extra padding this jacket offers.


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