The Advantages and Disadvantages of Water

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Water

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you about something, I want discussing the advantages and disadvantages of water. Well, water is one of the most familiar things in our life right? According to science research, human body are made up of water with 70 – 80% water composition. I will also share you some facts, advantages, and disadvantages of water as my topic today.

Advantages of Water

Water the most usual thing in the world, somehow secretly keeping thousand of amazing advantages for our us. There are so much of us wasting water because we think our water are unlimited, but the fact is our pure water stocks decreased day by day. The global warming even makes it worst, there are so many countries in the world who suffer because of other human foolishness.

Here are some of the Advantages of water for a human.

  1. Water can be preventing dehydration for human after losing so much fluid in their body because of daily activity.
  2. Water will help maintain the balance of our body fluids because our body composed 70 – 80% water.
  3. Water can help us control our calories. For years it’s recommended for people with an overweight to drink water as their weight loss strategy.
  4. Water will help you Energizing your muscle. Cells that doesn’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes will not work well when we use them, and it will lead to painful feeling.
  5. Water helps you maintain your skin to keep looking good. Your skin contains so much water and the function of that water in your skin as a barrier to preventing of your body fluid loss.

Disadvantages of Water

Aside from their advantages as fluids in our body. Don’t forget everything can cause harm to our body. So, I will share you a few disadvantages of water for our body.

  1. Drinking water is good for your health but if you drink too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication.
  2. Too much drinking water can lead to Overhydration and that condition can lead to many dangerous conditions for our health.
  3. When brain cells contain too much water it can lead to brain edema and it causes coma, paralyzed, and death.
Here are some tips from me to drink water and to make you drink more mineral water than other kinds of drinks:
  1. Drink water not more than 0,03 litters per your body weight.
  2. Drink water slowly, so your body have enough time to distribute them.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Their high water content will make you full longer.
  4. Keep a bottle of water near to you, in your car, on your desk, and in your bags. So, you can drink mineral water and don’t have a reason to buy another kind of drinks.

That’s all of the advantages and disadvantages of water I know. Remember to don’t overdoing something because it can destroy the benefits of that thing. Thanks for reading my article. Don’t forget to share if you find this article helping you to find the advantages of water. Thanks for your attention and see you next time in my next article.


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