Fashionable and Practical Handbags


KevinDailyStory.comHandbags are an indispensable accessory for a woman. They can be carried to work, to parties and many other places. This article discusses some popular types of handbags that women love to use. This list may not be the complete list of handbags; however, it provides a starting point for women who would like to shop for handbags online.

The large carrying case is made of canvas and has a flap closure

Large Tote Bag: A large tote bag, also known as a shopping bag in North American English, is generally a large, leather tote with two handles. The large bag may have one or two straps depending on the style. In most cases, the large tote bag is made from canvas and has a closure flap. These handbags are very common with the college crowd as they are a convenient way to transport books and other large items. Some large tote bags have a small bottle opener.

Bucket Bag: A handbags that is small and rectangular in shape and comes with one or two handles. They are also known as gym handbags because they are often used to hold gym equipment. Bucket handbags come in a variety of materials and colors. They are great for gym bags, but they can also be used for casual occasions. The leather bucket handbags have a closure flap and are available in canvas or vinyl. Some styles may also have zipper’s.

Courier bags can be found in a variety of colors, materials and styles

Messenger Bag: Another type of handbags is the messenger bag which is smaller than a standard hobo bag. The messenger handbags can sometimes be mistaken for diaper bags and can also have a zipper. Like the hobo bag, messenger handbags can be found in a number of colors, materials and styles.

Slouchy Handbags: For a style that is unique and glamorous, the slouchy handbags are a great choice. They are characterized by having a strap that is wider at the shoulder and may be longer in length. They are worn by many celebrities and can be seen around town and on the red carpet. Slouchy handbags may come in canvas, vinyl or leather. They are a little more expensive than other types of handbags.

Coin Purses: These types of handbags are designed with a long strap that goes over the shoulder and has a coin purse closure. They are usually made of leather and may have a front zipper or a back zipper. Most coins have a raised finish and some styles may even include a real coin purse closure. The large bag style of this handbags is great for carrying larger objects and is great for kids.

Large wallets are perfect for carrying important personal items

There are numerous styles of handbags and purses that were popular throughout the 20th century. When you think about the choices for ladies handbags during the 20th century, you will find that there are purses with many different shapes including oval, circular, rectangular, square and the classic handbags of the day such as the clutch purse, over the shoulder bags and the wrap purse. There are also handbags with strap styles and shoulder straps that go all the way from the hip to the elbow. You will also see styles like the large purse and the tote handbags. The large purse is perfect for carrying cosmetics, school books, a laptop computer or an important personal item.

Tote bags are great if you want to carry a lot of items on your person because they are very convenient. They usually have an external zipper which allows you to open it wide and reveal a big internal pocket and also have lots of compartments for holding small leather products. The small leather bags are best used for carrying smaller items that you need to keep close to your body. They are great for kids to carry around their books, notebooks and other things that they need with them all the time. Lastly, large leather handbags are best for carrying an assortment of small accessories.


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