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ways to protect our eyes

The eye is one of the most important things in our body. With the eye, we can have the vision to see everything. So, we can say that it is very important because without the eye we cannot see anything. We just can see the darkness and it will make us harder to run this life. So, if you don’t want that bad thing to happen to you, you need to take care and protect your eyes. That’s why I’m gonna tell you some ways to protect our eyes that you can apply. So, let’s check this out.

Ways To Protect Our Eyes

Use The Sunglasses

Do you know that our eyes can be damaged because of the sun exposure? Yeah, it is true, guys. Our eyes can be damaged if they exposed too much by the sunlight. It cannot guarantee that your eyes will be safe if there is a cloud blocking the sunlight. So, the best way to protect your eyes from the sunlight is by wearing the anti UV sunglasses. But, try to find a black one and has a UV protection. Why? Because the UV rays can cause cataracts and damage your retinas.

Wear A Safety Glasses

If you still at school, you must have a chemistry subjects, right? And sometimes this subjects asks you to do some experiments by using the chemicals. As we know that it is really dangerous especially if it about our eyes. Of course, it can lead to fatal damage or even blindness. This can also happen when you are playing some sports like tennis and badminton. It is really dangerous if the ball hit your eyes with such speed. Can you imagine it? So, in order to stay away from those accidents, better you wear a safety glasses that can protect your eyes from those accidents.

Don’t Watch TV Too Much

Watching tv is one of the easiest ways in destroying our eyes. As we know, the tv is reflecting a ray which is very dangerous for our eyes. The ray can decrease our vision ability. So, watching tv too much is not good for your eyes. And if you can, try not to watch tv for hours because your eyes can be exhausted as well where it can also lead to blurred vision.

Give Some Space Between You And The Monitor

People often watch tv or playing their computer for hours. As we know that it can cause damage to our eyes. But, in order to decrease the chance of damaging the eyes, you have to give some space between you and the monitor or tv. For the monitor, at least you have 30 centimeters from it. And the tv, you need at least around 3 meters far from it. This way can help you to protect your vision.

Don’t Rub It

This is my last tips to protect the eyes. Sometimes you may feel itchy on the eye, right? And some people will rub their eyes by using their hands to reduce the itchiness. Do you know that doing it also dangerous? Yeah, because it can damage your cornea. Also, when you rub your eyes with your hands, you will take a lot of germs and bacteria to your eyes. So, avoid rubbing your eyes too much if you want to protect it.

Okay, I have shared all of the ways to protect our eyes that I know with you. What do you think about it? Is it good for you? I hope so and it can be useful for all the readers who read this article. So, thanks for reading and have a nice day.


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