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dragon mania legends review

Do you know that you can have a dragon? But, of course, it is not in the real world, guys hehe. You can have it if you play this game. It is really good and I’m sure that you will love this one. I also play it since 2015. So, I suggest you try it tight now. And if you really want to try it, let’s read my Dragon Mania Legends review first. It will help you a lot especially if you are a newbie who doesn’t know anything about it.

Dragon Mania Legends Review – What’s Good About This Game?

Dragon Mania Legends is the game which made by Gameloft and it is good for the people who want to take care a dragon or some of it. You have to build Dragolandia as the place to raise and breed your dragons. Then, your task is to beat the Vikings and their dragons

In this game, there are tons of cute dragons that we can raise up. More than 350 kinds of dragons are available to be your partner. Here, you will go to the turn-based combat to get rid of the Vikings. This game doesn’t require a big space in your memory because it just needs a few megabytes. So, don’t worry if your device can download it or not.

Dragon Mania Legends Gameplay

For the gameplay, it is really great where we are not only clearing the storyline but also we can clear some missions. The task will change each time you have cleared one task but some of the will take some time to be finished but you can speed it up by using the Gems.

You also need to build some building to gain resources such as food to feed up your dragons where it can raise up their level. And you cannot forget to build the habitat for your dragons as their places to leave. Each type of dragon will need a different habitat depends on what type of dragons are they.

And by the way, I have to explain that this game has two currency system they are Gold and Gems. These things are very important so you cannot waste them for inappropriate things. I suggest you use them wisely. Use it when you really need it. The Gold and Gems are used to buy some items, dragons, habitat, buildings, decorations and much more. And you can get those things by completing missions, clearing some stages in the storyline, collecting from the habitat, feeding, and rubbing your dragons, and of course, from the in-app purchase.

Unfortunately, the Gems is harder than the Gold to be obtained. But, don’t worry because I have an easy way to gain it faster. Yeah, just by clicking this Dragon Mania Legends hack is enough for you to get hundreds of Gems in instant. I often use this way to make my account full of Gems. Otherwise, I have more Gems than the Gold.

Dragon Mania Legends Battle Guide – How To Play It?

As I said before that it is a turn-based game where you will launch an attack according to the turn. In the battle, there will be three dragons of yours and the Vikings. You can choose the dragons that you want to bring into the battle before you start. And if you are ready to go to the battle, you can click the mission or just go to the island. And each time you finished the battle, you will earn on up to three stars.

When you are in a battle, you have to launch an attack for each of your turn. In this moment, you need to choose which enemy’s dragons is weaker against your dragon’s attack. For example, if your turn is a water dragon, you have to find the one which weak against water such as fire dragon because it will inflict more damage. You can see the green sword under the dragons if they are weak against your dragon’s element. And it will be red if they are not weak against it.

During the battle. you can gain some energy to fill the special skill which will inflict a greater damage to your enemies. If your special skill is ready, just click it and don’t forget to swipe the screen as fast as you can to give more damage.


Dragon Mania Legends is worth to play because it is a fantastic game. You cannot underestimate it just because if haven’t played it. So, I can ensure that this game is very nice and you have to try it as soon as possible.

Then, this is the end of my Dragon Mania Legends review for today. I hope this article will be useful for all the newbie. Thank you dor your attention and don’t forget to always visit kevindailystory as the best website to find a good information and tips.


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