The Best Harvest Moon Back to Nature Tips and Tricks for All Players

harvest moon back to nature tips and tricks

Harvest Moon is the RPG game that I love so much and I’m sure that you also love it. This Play Station 1 game is really addictive and exciting because we can manage our own farm and take care of the animals. So many farming games on the mobile platform were inspired from this game. And today, I give Harvest Moon Back to Nature tips and tricks for all players out there. These tips are really useful for you who just found out this game and want to give it a try.

6 Harvest Moon Back to Nature Tips and Tricks

Make a Space while Digging in the fields

I will begin my first tips for Harvest Moon Back to Nature from the field. Some players usually dig a hole without leaving any space between them and it will make you difficult to water the crops when it has grown. Also, you cannot collect the vegetables or fruits when they are ready to be picked. So, the best way to overcome this problem is by making a space when you dig some holes in the fields. You can make a number 8 or like in the picture above. This way will allow you to jump and move between the crops.

Go to the Mine to Get More Gold

It is true that you can get Gold by selling your vegetables, fruits, and products from the animals. But, you can get more Gold by mining. Just go to the mine and dig until you get a lot of Ore where you can see it with a good price. Just go deeper if you find a stair to climb down because you will find a more valuable Ore. There are some types of Ore that you can find inside the mine such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Also, you can use it to upgrade your equipment like the Axe, Hoe, and etc.

Bring the Basket when You are Mining

Now, I will tell you the Harvest Moon Back to Nature mining tips. You can buy the basket in the market and this thing is really useful to save your time. The basket can help you when you are collecting your yields. But, it is not the only thing that it can do. You can also use it while you are mining. If you just count on your bag, you can only bring home some Ore. But, if you use the basket, you can bring a lot of it and combine with your bag’s capacity. Then, you will be rich in no time.

Hire the Dwarfs

If you are too tired to do all the things yourself, you can ask the dwarfs to do it for you. Just go to the back of the Church and you will find a small house. You can ask them to do some of your job like watering the crops, take care of the animal, and collect your harvest. But, you have to make a relationship with them first. In order to do that, you can give them some the flour because they really like it so much. If you have made a good relationship, they will ask you about what they should do.

Use Your Horse to Travel the Village

In this game, you will get a horse from the grandpa named Barley who sells the cow and sheep. You will get the horse when you come to his house on a sunny day during the first year you play the game. If you the horse has grown up, you can ride it. He will help you to save more time because he can run faster than our character. And he also can carry away some things like crops, products from the animals, and much more. Now, let’s go to the last Harvest Moon Back to Nature tips and tricks.

Collect All of the Power Berries

Power Berry is very useful in this game because it can increase your character’s body endurance so he won’t get tired easily. You can work longer if you have consumed the ten Power Berries. But, this item is really hard to be found if you don’t know correctly where and how to find it.

They are all Harvest Moon Back to Nature tips and tricks that I can share with you, guys. I hope you like the tips that I have given and hopefully, they will be useful for your progress in this game.



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