The Greedy Cave Review | Everything You Need to Know about It

the greedy cave review

Have you ever heard about The Greedy Cave? Maybe some of you still don’t know about this exciting game. Actually, it is available in the Play Store and App Store. Maybe it is because this game is not famous enough so many people still not familiar with this one. So, let’s check out The Greedy Cave review below so you will know more about this game and what makes it so exciting.

The Greedy Cave Review

The Greedy Cave is an RPG Dungeon Crawler game which developed by Avalon Games. We will see a cave with a hundred floors that we can explore. And we have to explore the cave to clear some quest, collect a lot of items from the chest, and kill the enemies that we find along our journey inside the cave.

The Greedy Cave Gameplay

Firstly, we have to make our own character by customizing his hair, skin, and etc. Then, we can start the game directly where you will go inside the cave and try to find as many treasures as you can before you are running out of health. The control is really easy where we just need to tap the path to order the character to move.

Our health will be decreased when we fight the enemies who guarded the treasures. We can flee if we cannot stand a chance to fight them or if the enemies guarding nothing. The fight will happen automatically once we tap the enemies. And if we die inside the cave, all the items that we have collected will be lost. But, we can use an item to teleport us back to the outside so we can keep the items.

As we level up, we can unlock the special skills of our character and make them really stronger by adding some equipment. We can increase the health, attack, defense, and the other stats to make us easier in terminating the enemies.

The Greedy Cave Graphic

This game uses a cartoon look alike graphic with a dominant brown color. Although it looks like a cartoon, it is really good because the graphic is already in high-definition. So, there is nothing bad about this aspect from my point of view.

The Currency Used in The Greedy Cave Game

This game uses a currency system called Gold. This thing can be obtained through the game while we are exploring the cave. We will find it from the treasure chest or lie around the path. It can be used to expand our inventory page, upgrade the equipment and much more. And there is also the second currency in this game called Crystals. It can be used to buy some exclusive items and equipment. But, this one is harder to be obtained than the Gold.

And to get the Crystals easily, I have prepared a way that I’m going to share you. Here, try this The Greedy Cave hack if you want to get a lot of Crystals instantly. I can guarantee that this way will make you satisfied because I have tried it for many times.

Okay, guys, I think it is enough for The Greedy Cave review. I hope you get a lot of information about this game. And if you want to know about the other exciting game for mobile or console, you can leave a request in the comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice gaming time.


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