The Easy Ways on How to Stop Smoking

how to stop smoking

There are so many people around this world who get addicted to smoking. Start from the adult, teenager, and even the children. As we know, smoking is not a good habit and it is not good for our health as well. But, they don’t seem to care about that although they already know the consequences. So here I am to tell you some ways on how to stop smoking that you can do. Hopefully, by making this article, I can help the people who get addicted to this dangerous thing and make them free forever.

How to Stop Smoking | 5 Ways that You Should Try

Below here, I will tell you the tips that you can try to help you to quit smoking. There are 5 tips to stop smoking that I have shared

Own the Desire

In order to stop from this bad habit, the first thing that you should do is to have a desire to do it. Without a desire, it will be difficult for you to let go from smoking. I have a friend who gets so addicted to smoking. He can smoke almost one pack in a day. But then, he realizes that it is not good for his health after he got a serious sickness that causes by the cigarette. After that nightmare, he decided to stop smoking. And with a great desire he had, he finally succeeds. Now, he never smokes anymore.

Make a Schedule for Your Smoking Day

You can make a schedule to manage the time of when you can smoke and when you cannot. This way can help you to decrease the number of how many times do you smoke in a week. If you smoke every day, you can make a schedule like two or three in a week. And you can decide on what day you smoke and you don’t.

Try to Reduce the Number of Cigarettes that You Smoke

I know it is really hard to quit the habit that we have done for years. And we cannot suddenly stop from that habit without getting used to. So, in order to quit smoking, you can try to lose some cigarettes in a day. If you used to smoke 5 or more cigarettes in a day, try to make it just three or two if you can. Then, if you get used to smoke three, try to smoke just one in a day until you can try not to smoke again. If you can do it, you will be free from the smoking habit.

Make Notes to Reminds You

If you cannot do it yourself, try to ask a help from the note. You can make a simple note like: “hey, this is not the time to smoke” or “remember what is your goal”. Then, you can put them in some places which you often stop by for smoking like the house terrace, garden, or balcony. And you can also place it on your table at your office to always remind you to quit smoking.

Try to Change the Cigarette with the Other Thing

This is the last ways to stop smoking that you can do. If you think that you get used to smoke, you can change it with the other things and try to get used to it. For example, you can change your smoking habit with drinking tea or eating some snack during your smoking time. I’m sure by the time you will forget about smoking and get used to drink the tea or eat the snack.

So, do you want to try the ways on how to stop smoking above? I suggest you try them all if you really want to quit. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends or relatives who also get addicted to smoking. So, thank you for your time and see you later.


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