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deer hunter 2017 tips and tricks

Deer Hunter 2017 is a challenging hunting game and it is the latest version of Deer Hunter game franchise. This game is about hunting wild animals in the wildlife. The gameplay is very exciting and it will make you get addicted. But, it would be difficult for you to play this game if you don’t know what to do. That’s why I present you these Deer Hunter 2017 tips and tricks. I hope that my tips below will be useful for you.

Deer Hunter 2017 Tips and Tricks

Make Sure to Bring the Right Weapon

Since you are not only hunting the Deer in this game you should choose your weapon carefully. Remember that you are not alone and the Deer is not the only animal that exists in this game. There are also some other animals around you. But, not all of your weapon can work well on certain animals. So, that’s why you need to pick up the right weapon.

Practice to Aim Your Target

Practice your aim will be my next tips for Deer Hunter 2017. Since this game is a first person shooter, you need to master in aiming your target. If you have played a game with this genre on the PC, you may think that it is a piece of cake. But actually, you are wrong. Aiming a target in mobile is harder than you can imagine. So, practicing your aiming skill is really needed so you can be a better shooter.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Weapons

As long as you go through to the next level, you will find more difficult targets. And with your current weapons, it would be hard for you to kill your target. They need to be upgraded so they can inflict a massive damage. By upgrading the weapons, you will increase its stats that will be useful during your hunt.

Use Your Weapon’s Sight

Since you can add a sight on your weapon, you have to use it when you are aiming your target. By using the sight, you can look closer to your target and it will help you a lot so you won’t miss your shot easily.

Aim Their Brain or Heart for Instant Kill

In this game, if you shot the animals on its body sometimes they don’t instantly die. But, if you aim for the brain or heart they will quickly die in a second. So, make sure to aim at those if you want to kill them really fast.

Get the Predators Faster Before They Get You First

This is the last Deer Hunter 2017 tips that I can share with you.Here, you will meet some predators like wolf and bear. They are all the predators who will hunt you when you shot them or taking too much time on aiming. So, before they come over you first, you need to kill them immediately.

That ends my Deer Hunter 2017 tips and tricks on this day. Hope you like the tips above, guys. And if you have some, you can share it on my website. I will be glad to receive the tips from you, guys because sharing is caring. I’m glad you visit my website and thank you for reading this article.


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