Vintage Style Fashion Dresses

67 – Fashion is not an exact term as it has a very broad meaning to which a lot of things can be put, but in general, fashion can be defined as wearing suitable and attractive clothes and accessories for one personal needs. This has been around since time immemorial and has been a part of every person’s life since then. From being simple back in the day but has grown into an art and people now spend their time and money on all kinds of fashion shows and designer’s clothes.

Fashion Change with Bolder and Brighter Design

The first decade of this new century was known as the the’1950s generation and was characterized by a revolution in the fashion world. The designs were bolder, more radical and had less colour, being more on the bright side. This made the style more popular amongst teenagers and youngsters. The decade progressed and there was a period of ‘Formalism’ which caused the clothing industry to go back to its basic design with only slight modifications to fit suit different age groups.

During this decade, we saw great changes as far as fashion clothes are concerned. The popularity of James Dean was one of the major factors responsible for this. He was one of the most sought after actors of that time who wore a lot of bold clothing and a very unique look. One such fashion accessory which he always had was a white t-shirt which he would don and which showed off his rippling abs. A lot of people believed that he was a rebel without a cause because his image was such a striking one.

Another important celebrity during this time period was Marilyn Monroe. She was famous for her role as ‘The Girl Next Door’. She was well known for her petite body structure, her long black hair and her blonde make up. She was known for her flirty and sexy looks and people loved to flirt with her. All of these combined allowed her to wear some of the best clothing of that era including her famous black leather dress which she often wore on various occasions.

Clothing with New and Attractive Designs

However, since the 1960s there has been less fashion emphasis put on clothes for women. Much of it has gone to more informal and relaxed clothes like jeans and sneakers. This has allowed women more room for individuality and allowed them to be more fashionable. Some of the designer brands which were popular in the 1950s have become extinct, but there have been some great new games that have come out with new and exciting designs.

One of the biggest changes to fashion has been the full skirts which were worn during the 1950s. We saw more comfortable, low rise jeans, skirts with patterned stitching, pleated skirts and the short mini dresses which were adorned during this decade. When it comes to wearing a skirt, many younger women tend to go for the skorts which are relatively low and are cut off at the top. They are made from an elastic material, mostly nylon, and are easy to wear. In addition to skorts, there have been a lot of new entries into the men’s fashion world such as tight-fitting pencil trousers, which have taken over the denim jacket and blazer as the top fashion item for men.

Popular Line Design Among Boys and Girls

Some of the fashion which has been seen in the last few years is the younger fashion which has incorporated prints into the designs. Designs which are coloured stripes or polka dots are becoming quite popular among young boys and girls. While there are still young boys who prefer the full skirts and low cut jeans of the 1950s, there is a growing interest among the younger generation for funky, unique and fun fashion items. As a result, there are designers who are offering all of the old favourite styles in the newest designs, including denim and patterned dresses for young boys.

One of the major trends in clothes is the use of bright colours and patterns. Some of the most popular colours are combinations of red, yellow and orange which have all been used with different prints. Pink and blue are also popular, together with brightly coloured polka dot patterns. It is important to keep in mind that while it is important to choose colours which will go well together, it is also important to choose clothes which are different enough so that they stand out from the other clothes worn at the time. Dresses which are worn during the 1960s are often found in much better condition than ones that were worn during the decade which was known as the teddy boy decade.


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