100+ List Guest Blogging Sites High Approval Rate


Are you currently want to write for other sites in order to gain more brand? We have sorted out some websites which accept guest blog and we can sure you would need this information since this could be helpful for you.

Actually, there are many sites which accept guest blog but most of them are inactive. We can say only 20% who give respond when we want to submit our guest post. The 20% sites have been listed here.

In this article, there would be some categories for guest blogging. You can check the list down below.

Home Design & Home Improvement

  1. Roohome
  2. Thegardengranny
  3. Nexthomegeneration
  4. Davidrayhomes

Wedding Design & Planning

  1. Roowedding

That is what we can share with you. We will add another list and you can also give your comment below if you would like to add your site to the list but make sure that you can accept a guest post with high approval rate.

Tips to Get Approved

Many people said how to get approved when we send a guest post. This has been a common question that almost every people ask about it. We would like to let you know that there are some tips you may follow and we can ensure this is gonna be powerful.

  1. Create article more than 1000+ words
  2. Create informative article
  3. Give 1 OBL per post. Many webmasters do not like too much external link on a guest post
  4. Promise and do promoting the guest post once it has been published

You can follow these tips above and we can ensure your guest post approval rate would be slightly increased.


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