4 Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Oven Work Better


Your oven is possibly one of the most important tools in any home. It’s used every single day of the week and can make or break your recipes. Here are 4 things you can do to make your oven work better and get the results you want.

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  1. Make sure the oven is clean

Keep the inside of your oven clean. The glass door is a great place to build up grease and grime. You should wipe it down with a damp cloth every time you use the oven. Condensed water can also build up on the metal parts of the door and drip down onto the heating elements, which can cause fires.

Make sure the oven racks are in good shape. If they are rusted or bent, you might be more likely to spill food on them and more likely to have your food fall through into the bottom of the oven. Replace racks that are warped or too thin to hold anything heavy. Also make sure none of your rack tabs are broken off.

Do not put foil on any part of the cooking surface unless you are baking with it (eg, cookies). Foil reflects heat back out into the kitchen and will make it harder for your food to cook properly and evenly. It can also cause fires if it touches hot burners or heating elements directly.

  1. Remove anything inside your oven that you don’t need for cooking

The first thing to do is to remove anything that isn’t necessary for cooking. If there are racks or pans inside the oven, take them out. The water spray can get underneath them and will not be able to reach the surface of the glass door.

You should remove anything inside your oven that you don’t need for cooking. This includes racks, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and the like. The reason is that they create extra heat loss in your oven which wastes energy and time.

The easiest thing to do if you have a lot of small things is to put down one big cookie sheet (or even just a piece of foil), then put your food directly on that. If you have lots of stuff, you can spread them out on several cookie sheets or even just use some foil. If you want to make sure your food gets cooked well, especially if it has moisture in it, fill the empty rack space underneath with dry beans or something else that will let the heat flow through easily.

To take it a step further, avoid using your oven at all if you don’t need to. Use a toaster oven instead (they are available in almost any grocery store). A toaster oven uses less energy than an oven and can still cook many things just as well as an oven can.

  1. Clean the coils and use preventative maintenance

You can do a few things to keep your oven working well. If you don’t clean the coils, they may get clogged with dirt and food particles. The more they are clogged, the longer it will take for your oven to heat up. The coils are the parts that heat up when you turn on the oven. When your oven heats up, the coils get hot and make the air in your oven hot too. You can clean them yourself or have an appliance repair person come out to do it for you. 

  1. Check the settings to make sure they are spot on

If the temperature is too high, there will be more heat produced than is needed for cooking, which will mean that your food will be overcooked. If it is too low, your food will not cook properly.

When adjusting the temperature setting, ensure that it is turned up or down gently. This will ensure that the oven does not switch off during cooking and leave your food half done. The same goes for the timer: if you adjust it quickly, the oven may shut down before your food has finished cooking.

If the oven light is not working, check the bulb to see if it needs replacing. Bulbs are relatively cheap and easy to replace so you should have this done straight away so that you can continue using your oven as normal. If you have any problems with your oven, it’s best to contact a professional – oven repair Winnipeg.


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