How to Style a Craftsman Family Room

30 – Craftsman family rooms can showcase a wide variety of decorating ideas, but some key elements are always essential. Look for geometric patterns, natural color palettes, and wood furniture.

Keep the Decor Cohesive Throughout the Room

Dark, warm paint colors contrast or complement Craftsman-style trim. Lighter shades highlight the details of the molding and trim, while darker ones bring moody drama. It’s a common mistake to treat living rooms and family rooms as two distinct entities—and if your home is styled in Craftsman, it’s a problem that should be remedied. “The key is to keep the decor cohesive throughout the entire space,” Lameraner says. “This way, you won’t run the risk of making the room look like a jumble of different styles.”

This living room features a wood vaulted ceiling with recessed lighting and exposed beams that blend well with the gray sofa set and wood-burning fireplace. A patterned rug and decorative wall hangings help tie the room together. Unlike traditional living rooms, family rooms are more casual spaces where families gather to relax and enjoy each other’s company. For that reason, they can be a great place to display your tasteful arts and craftsman furniture pieces. Also, you’ll want to fill the space with functional furniture and decor that are kid (and pet) friendly, such as modular sofas and storage coffee tables made of easy-to-clean performance fabrics.

Craftsman design emphasizes natural materials, honest construction and a sense of simplicity. So it’s no surprise that the style lends itself perfectly to a cozy family room like this one from Dan and Joann Sundstrom. The room’s warm color palette, leather-accented furnishings and plush William Morris pattern rug add a touch of Craftsman elegance to the space. Wooden tables, chairs and a fireplace make the room feel cozy and inviting. This dining room features a wooden table and chairs paired with a modern dark iron chandelier. The coffered ceiling and wood flooring are accented by an ornate deer artwork and warm sconces.

How to Mix Matching Craftsman Furniture Styles

Although many craftsman furniture styles fit well in a dining room, other styles such as midcentury and prairie also work well. Mixing modern and throwback pieces can be a great way to give your family room a craftsman look without feeling cluttered or outdated. Just keep in mind that craftsman design is all about simplicity, so don’t overload your room with too many knickknacks and decorations. The bedroom may be the only place in a craftsman family room that gets used for entertaining guests, but even here, it must have the right look. Incorporating wooden accents is a good idea, and a green area rug is an ideal choice since it works well with the natural style of many craftsman furniture pieces.

Other craftman elements that can be incorporated into the living room include wood flooring, a stone fireplace, built-in shelving, and rustic wrought iron chandeliers or wall sconces. Often, these items are combined to create the perfect craftsman living room design like this one from Zillow Digs. Exposed wooden beams accentuate the vaulted ceiling of this living room while wooden crown molding and window frames match the color of the sofa set and striped area rug. The stacked stones of the fireplace are a nice touch that adds a little flair to this otherwise simple craftsman living room. A few personal knickknacks and art help liven up the room.

Bright Craftsman Decor Ideas and Bold Accents

Originally Craftsman homes were built with dens for reading and privacy. Today, these rooms are often used as a home office, TV room and playroom for children and grandchildren. Because family rooms have a more casual feel, they are more accepting of bright craftsman decorating ideas and bold accents. The Arts and Crafts movement sprouted at the turn of the 20th century as a revolt against ostentatious Victorian architecture and furniture. It emphasized quality over quantity, using hand craftsmanship and solid wood materials to create homes that were both practical and beautiful.

The slender framed desk in this Craftsman living room exemplifies the style. A dark powder-coated metal frame and slim, recognizable arches mesh perfectly with the rich oak desktop. This home office set also includes a large desktop set of shelving and drawers, adding additional storage without dominating the room. Decorative knick-knacks and plenty of personal photographs keep the space interesting, even in a simple home office. If you have and want to send articles to kevindailystory, you can visit this page!


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