5 Useful Township Tips That You Can Apply

township tips

Have you ever played this addicting farming game before? Township is one of the best farming games that you can play on your mobile phone. This game is all about farming where you have to take care of your farm and animals.┬áBut, the uniqueness of this one is this game is the combination of farming and building a city. So, you can build a city as well as grow your farm. This game is worth your time to be played. So, for you who want to play or who already play it, I’m gonna give you some useful Township tips that can help you to make a good progress in this game.

5 Best Township Tips

Build The City Of Your Own

Since this game is an open-world game where there is no missions or quests that you have to clear at all, you can show off and use your creativity to build your own city. Create the city to your own liking and make it grow bigger. Do as your wish in order to build it and don’t worry if you have to do this or that because you are free to do all that you want.

Complete The Orders To Gain Some Township Coins

No need to worry because it is not a mission or some kind like that. The orders are just one of the ways for you to get some Coins. It comes from the people who live in your town. Since they are living there, they need to fulfill some of their needs. And for that reason, they will give you some orders to fulfill their needs. And for each order that you have fulfilled, you will get some rewards such as Coins and XP.

Don’t Forget With The Farm

Your city won’t grow at all if you don’t do something with the farm. The farm is the place where everything that the town needs come from such as the fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and etc. They used as the ingredients to make some needs in the town. You need to have the ingredients first before you can make something.

Do The Delivery By The Train As Soon As Possible

Besides the orders from the people in your town, you also have some orders that have to be delivered by the train to the other cities. So, make sure to always do the delivery as often as you can in so you can get some materials to build new buildings. As we know, when you are about to make a new building sometimes it required some materials to complete the construction. And the materials can be obtained from the delivery train. When it comes back, it will bring you some materials that needed to complete the construction of a building.

Use The Township Cash To Fasten Up Things

Now, I will tell you the last Township tips about the premium currency. I’m sure that you must know the premium currency of this game. That’s right, it is the Cash. Do you know the functions of this thing? You can use it to fasten up everything. For example, when you build a new building you can reduce the construction time, you can make your production faster and also buy some materials that you don’t have.


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