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steps to clean a motorcycle

A clean motorcycle is very important to make our appearance looks cooler. As we know, the girls love to see a man riding a motorcycle. But, how if the motorcycle looks dirty? Of course, there is no girl who likes a man riding a dirty motorcycle. That’s why if you want the girls like you, you need to clean your ride. So, if you don’t know what to do in cleaning your bike, just see the steps to clean a motorcycle that I have shared below.

Steps To Clean A Motorcycle

Let It Cool Down

If you have used your bike, I suggest you let it cool down first. You have to do this if you don’t want to ruin the engine. Just for your information, a hot engine will be damaged when exposed to the water. So, if your bike’s engine is still hot, make sure you wait until it cool.

Gather All The Things That You Need

Before you start cleaning the bike, you have to gather all of the things that you need to clean it. The things that you need are a bucket, a sponge, a cloth, the liquid soap, an old toothbrush, a hose, and a chrome cleaner or motorcycle wax if needed. You can grab them all while waiting you are waiting for the motorcycle to cool down. Now, let’s go to the next tips to clean motorcycle if you have prepared all of it.

Rinse Your Motorcycle

First, you need to rinse your motorcycle with the water. You can use the hose in order to make you easier to rinse the bike. This will reduce the dust and dirt that stick on the bike. Make sure you rinse all of the parts of your motorcycle.

Fill The Bucket With The Water And Liquid Soap

After that, you need to fill the bucket with the water to mix with the liquid soap. Fill the water until the maximum capacity of the bucket. Then, pour the liquid soap sufficiently and stir the water until the foam comes out. If the liquid soap is not enough, you can pour it again.

Use The Sponge

Now, it is time for you to wash it by using the sponge. Use the soft part so it won’t scratch your bike. Wash every single part of your ride start from the head, body until its tail. Put in your sponge to the bucket that you have mixed with the liquid soap first before you wash it.

Don’t Forget The Rims

Now, I will tell you the tips to clean rims. After you clean all of the body, you have to clean the rims also. Use the old toothbrush that you have prepared before to clean up the hard to reach part of the rims. Make sure to clean it thoroughly so it is not so easy rusted.

Clean The Rest Of The Soap With The Water

After you finished cleaning the bike, now it is time to clean the rest of the soap which still stick on your bike. Use the hose again to stream the water and rub it by using your hand.

Dry It With The Cloth

The last steps to clean a motorcycle. Use the dry cloth to dry your bike. Don’t let it dry alone, you have to dry it as fast as you can. If the water dry alone, it will leave the watermark which quite hard to remove.


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