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tips to memorize

Are you good in memorizing? I’m sure some of you must have a bad memory. I also have the same problem. Sometimes it is so hard for me to remember something. I often forget about some things that I think is quite difficult. So, for you who have a problem in memorizing things, I have some tips to memorize that you can try. I’m sure that these tips can help you to remember really well.

Tips To Memorize That You Should Try

Repetition Is Needed

In order to remember things, you have to do a repetition. Repeating the things that you want to memorize is one of the best ways that you can do. For example, when you want to remember some words from the paper or book, you have to read it first for several times. Say the words that you want to memorize aloud. And then, try to say it aloud again but this time without seeing the paper or book. Repeat this process until you can memorize all of the words.

Find A Peaceful Place

One thing that you need to do to memorize is finding a peaceful place. In memorizing, we need a quiet environment. It will be so hard for us to memorize things in a noisy place because it can distract our concentration in memorizing something. I also feel the same way when I have to memorize but there is a loud sound from the TV or people talking. So, a peaceful place can help you to concentrate more so you can memorize things easier.

Colored An Important Information

When you are reading a book for your exam, you will see a lot of words. So, in order to make you easier to remember all of the important things in the book is by giving a color on it. You need to mark it so you can easily memorize the things that you need to remember.

Write Down A Note And Rewrite It

If the ways above is not too effective for you, maybe you can try this one. You just need to write down everything that you want to memorize and after that, you have to write it again until you feel that you have remembered all of it.

Tell To The Others

Telling the others of what you have memorized is also good enough to help you in memorizing things. As an example, if you have read a book and you understand it, you can tell someone about what you have read before. From this point, you will know that you have remembered it all if you have succeeded in repeating all of the information that you have read.

Take A Break For Awhile

When you are reading something and try to memorize it, you don’t need to push yourself. You can take some break for 10 until 15 minutes if you find that the thing that you want to memorizeĀ is hard to be remembered. Then, when you are ready with a fresher mind, you can start again.

NOTE: Some of the tips to memorize above maybe is not working for some people. So, you have to find out which tips suits you enough. And when you have found the tips that suit you, just stick on it.


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