Adding Variation to Your Victorian Exterior Design

49 – Victorian exteriors and landscaping are now the latest trends in home renovation. Most homeowners would agree that they prefer a Victorian style for their new home but they do not know how to go about it. While these older homes have a distinct charm to them, Victorian exteriors require some amount of TLC in order to be restored in a professional manner. One thing is for sure, if you do not keep the following points in mind, your Victorian exterior will not turn out as well as desired. Take note of the following tips so you can enhance the beauty of your new home.

The Purpose of Keeping the Victorian Exterior Simple

Make sure that you keep the Victorian exteriors simple. Remember that the goal here is to create a three-dimensional, realistic look. It is best that you keep your colors and textures natural so that they do not distract from the appearance of the home. The best way to achieve this is to use vertical proportions. Double hung and gable dormers should be used to create uniformity and keep the proportions of the Victorian homes in check. In addition, remember to use straight lines so as not to break up the 3-dimensional effect of the Victorian home.

As mentioned earlier, simplicity is the key when it comes to designing the victorian homes. Although using complex colors and patterns may seem like a good idea initially, it will only end up causing you problems later on because it will be too hard to maintain. Simple colors such as cream should be used, along with earthy hues such as brown and green. In addition, use only architectural elements and materials that are appropriate for the era such as brick, stone, tiles, glass, and iron; avoid using period materials and items as much as possible.

Tips for Showcasing the Best of Victorian Exteriors

In order to bring the best out of your victorian exterior, you must remember that architectural details such as window decorations should be kept simple as much as possible. For example, don’t install elaborate tassels or fancy shutters as they tend to make the whole residence look a little too “busy”. In fact, it’s best if the shutters are just placed on one side of the windows, in order to provide natural light into the room. Besides, it’s usually better if the shutters are placed opposite the windows in order to provide more privacy and so that they don’t obstruct the natural daylight.

When it comes to painting the victorian colors exterior, you need to be careful about using only white paint. It’s advisable to use either brown or off-white paint in order to bring out the architectural details. The reason behind this is that such paint shades do not show up very well against the creamy colored walls of the victorian period. Thus, it’s better to just stick with these two colors.

Experiment with Different Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors as long as they complement the existing colors present in the victorian houses. For example, you could try painting one wall in a very bold color (like red) and the other wall in a softer shade of the same color (in this case, blue). If done correctly, you’ll end up with an interesting variation on the original design. However, just remember that such an idea won’t go so well with the original wood color utilized in most of the buildings at the time, so make sure that you take that into consideration when working on the project.

There are plenty of ways to bring some variation to the paint colors used in the victorian home. One good idea is to choose a color from the decor of the room you’re intending to paint, and then match it with some of the wall paint colors. However, bear in mind that the choice has to be compatible. That means that you should also think about the different colors that will go together well. It may take you some time to find such a combination, but the effort will definitely be worth it once you see the results of your efforts.

For added flavor to your victorian exterior design, you may also want to add some gingerbread cookies to your porch for added appeal. You can easily buy these cookies at your nearest supermarket or baking specialty shop. Just be sure that you purchase the type that is appropriate for your time period. Gingerbread cookies tend to lose their shapes over time, so if you want them to retain their crisp appearance, you’ll need to buy cookie dough that is specifically made for cookie cutters. Another option is to buy a package of plain gingerbread cookies that you’ve rolled yourself out – the point isn’t to worry about having to use your imagination so much as to ensure that the finished product will have a great look that you’ll love. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your exterior without having to spend a lot of money.


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