How to Add a Tropical Touch to Your Living Room

32 – Bring a laid-back island vibe to your living room with jute rugs and wood furnishings. Tropical decor can range from fun flora motifs to exotic fruit prints, and leafy plants can bring a sense of nature indoors.

Creating an Exotic Feel with Natural Texture

Create an exotic feel with leaves motifs, natural textures, and bold colors. Wooden accents and global treasures give a well-traveled look that is at once relaxed and refined. A collection of sea shells can look beautiful when displayed in a decorative bowl or on a coffee table. If your collection is large, consider displaying it in a glass cabinet. This can help the shells maintain their focus, rather than getting lost in a sea of clutter.

You can also create a summer vignette by mounting shells on a wall or on a piece of furniture. To make sure your shells adhere properly, use epoxy glue. If you have brick or tile walls, be sure to prime the surface first. To add a tropical flair to your living room, you can use natural materials such as jute rugs and wood furnishings. You can also include tropical plants such as fiddle-leaf, palm or palmetto. Using these natural elements in your interior design will give you a modern tropical vibe that’s still casual and welcoming. It’s a perfect option for small tropical living rooms.

Adding botanicals to a tropical living room can instantly brighten up the space. These sweet tropical florals look like they’ve been picked right out of the garden and are perfect for a coffee table or even a small planter on your entryway console. Tropical plants are a staple in hotel lobbies and guest rooms, but they also work well in small tropical living spaces with lots of natural sunlight. Kentia palms are a popular choice, as shown in this tropical boho-style living room from Homepolish, since they can grow tall without overtaking the space.

Adds a Touch of Whimsy and Romance to the Room

This tropical boho-style living room features a L-shaped white sectional paired with animal-print chairs and a wooden coffee table on a blue area rug. The space’s cathedral ceiling is clad in dark wood plank and the large window brings in plenty of natural light. A modern tree floor lamp, a unique table centerpiece and indoor plants round out the design. A vintage travel poster featuring Barbados adds a touch of whimsy and romance to the space.

If you want to incorporate bohemian decor into your tropical living room, there are plenty of options. You can add woven wall baskets, display personal effects, hang colorful wall art, and use tropical-themed throw blankets on the sofa. Choosing a modern boho chair with eye-catching tropical prints can look incredibly stylish in your living room. This upholstered armchair by Desden has a Frida Kahlo-inspired floral pattern that can complement many different colors and styles of interiors.

You can also choose a more traditional boho chair with a curved back and thin legs. Butterfly chairs and Papasan chairs are two classic bohemian seating choices. For the rest of your furniture, look for neutral tones that will go well with your tropical decor theme. Earthy brown and green colors will help create a relaxing atmosphere. You can also add a few house plants and tropical-themed accessories to your living room to tie the look together. This can include vases with palm trees, flowering shrubbery, or other types of foliage.

The Best Tropical Living Room Ideas Involve the Use of Natural Materials

One of the best tropical living room ideas involves incorporating natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and other pliable fibers. Incorporating wood furnishings with curved lines is also another way to add a touch of nature. It could be a walnut table that mimics the curves of a pear, or a light green palm tree patterned cushion on your sofa.

Bamboo furniture is a common feature in tropical rooms, and it also looks beautiful when woven into an accent chair. This material grows incredibly fast, so it’s more sustainable than traditional hardwoods that take years to grow. Other pliable materials like jute are also often used in tropical living rooms to create a relaxed feel. This material is more durable than rattan, and it comes in a range of warm neutral colors that can easily match any tropical design theme. It’s also a great choice for floor coverings, as jute rugs look just as good as more rigid woven furniture materials. If you have and want to send articles to kevindailystory, you can visit this page!


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