Dragonvale Free Gems Glitch, Find the Way to Do It

dragonvale glitch

Would you like to know how to get free gems to your Dragonvale account? Here we will show you Dragonvale glitch where you can use it without any doubts as it works 100 %. It is easy to do that as we have found the way to do that. All you need to do is to follow all our steps.

About Dragonvale Glitch

Actually, this glitch has been uncovered since a long time ago but there is no one who does not know about that one. The first method is quite difficult as we will need to learn about hex method and then we create something unique where you just need to operate it with your mouse.

The glitch will help you to get free gems easily to your account. It would be based on an in-app purchase where it is actually safe to use because it looks like we have bought the bundle package from its store.

How To?

It is so easy to do, we have sorted out all the ways to figure it out. You just need to follow the method below completely.

  1. Visit Dragonvale Hack
  2. Click the access button
  3. Create a connection
  4. Proceed to generator page
  5. Select how much gems would you like to have
  6. Fill your account detail (username only)
  7. Proceed through hacking process
  8. Enjoy your free gems

The hacking method uses its glitches. We certainly recommend this method as it is safe and it has a great security system.

What Can We Do with Free Gems?

There are many things we can do. Such as raising our dragons easily. Hire a new dragon and much more. The most important thing we can expand our little bigger than before. Not only that one, we can purchase some important stuff to help us manage our land.

I Got Problem with this Dragonvale Glitch, What Can We do?

If you face any problems regarding this glitch, please report us by commenting below. We will approach your comment as soon as possible. We will do an inspection of the glitch then report it back to the comment. So, stay tuned for this article. You may need to bookmark this if you want to go back again.

I Receive Free Gems to My Account but I cannot Use it?

Do not worry, it may take several minutes for security check. Sometimes, Dragonvale always checks any purchase from their in-app store. You just need to be patient, usually, it would not more than a minute.

Alright, we have shared everything about the Dragonvale glitch. Hopefully, you can enjoy this method and you can get free gems to your account. Manage your Dragon land easily right now.


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