How To Add A Rustic Bathroom With The Right Bath Decor And Accessories

62 – A rustic bathroom isn’t just a convenient stopping point, but also a venue to cleanse, revitalize, and refresh. And what’s nicer or more natural, than a rustic bathroom? Unfaded, elegant, and surprisingly relaxed, a rustic bathroom lends itself to an ambiance that is perfect for rejuvenating your body and mind. And where can you find this beauty? Hardly any place, really; the vast expanse of rural countryside that abounds in the British countryside is actually perfect for creating a rustic bathroom setting. And what’s nicer, you can be sure that a rustic bathroom will never go out of style, since they always tend to add a certain timeless charm.

Decorating the Bathroom in a Rustic Style

Of course, you don’t have to travel far for a rustic bathroom; they’re among the most popular fixtures of a true rural retreat. In fact, it’s not unusual for the average family’s bathroom to be modeled after a cabin or, in rural areas like those found in the USA or England, on a piece of property owned by the farmer himself. Rustic bathrooms are often composed of a few essentials: a basic toilet, a small sink, some hand towels and dish cloths, and a mason jar or wooden bowl for storing your toothbrush. But then you can decorate them however you want, adding hand made decorations, paintings, or flowers. You can literally create your own rustic paradise!

One of the most common rustic elements in a bathroom is a little bit shelf above the sink. This is an excellent place for displaying collectibles or bits of art. If you don’t like the idea of your collectibles being exposed to the sink, consider a few decorative metal brackets or shelves. These will keep your collectibles out of sight and out of harm’s way. If you’re looking for a little bit more decorative piece, try to find a wrought iron shelf, or even a beautiful wooden one!

Adding a touch of class to your rustic bathroom involves finding some wooden shelves and hanging them from the ceiling. To achieve this vibe, simply paint one wall a light grey and paint the other wall a dark grey. Then take some hand tools and an old bucket and draw the pattern on the wood. Using a hammer and chisel you can build up the shelf from scratch. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you could use a piece of plywood as the base and fill it with a felt material to make your very own little cabin.

Creating a Touch of Elegance in a Rustic Bathroom

When it comes to rustic wood floating shelves, there are many types out there. Your bathroom can easily be completed with this type of storage space. The great thing about these shelves is that they add an elegant touch to your bathroom. If you have a more basic sink, medicine cabinet, toilet and vanity area in your bathroom, adding one of these storage units will help create an overall better flow to the room.

Another great idea for wood floating shelves is to put a wall mount sink mirror above them. This gives a nice open look to your bathroom space, but you don’t have to go all out. Simply place a mirror on the wall between the shelves and you’ll instantly achieve a great illusion. For a unique look, you could mount a metal or wooden shelf on the ceiling and then add a rustic sink mirror above it. This will completely change the look of your bathroom space!

The Perfect Way To Give A Rustic Look

Adding a little bit of color to your rustic bathroom is also a perfect way to give it that rustic look. Paint your walls in an earth toned shade. This will tie everything together and give it that perfect warm relaxing atmosphere. You could also use earth tones for the trim around the bathtub, accessories, shower curtain, bath mat, towel rack and more. By taking a little time to select the right accessories and bath decor, you’ll be able to bring that cabin theme into your home.

Finally, finding just the right accessories for your rustic bathroom is key. Instead of going for a big stand alone decorative piece, try adding a few natural wood elements like a pottery pot, rustic candle holders or rustic medicine cabinets. Try adding a few natural wood elements to complete the overall look. By using elements from around your home you’ll be able to create a one of a kind look that ties all together and creates that homey feeling!


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