Creating a Small Victorian Living Room

67 – It’s fun to play in Victorian decorating themes because you can get so many options. There’s romance, mystery, and even the thrill of a blood royal mystery at your fingertips. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start in your quest for a Victorian home. This article will give you a few ideas for creating a Victorian small living room. You can turn any plain old living room into a romantic Victorian!

Popular Colors in Victorian Living Room Design

To begin with, bring in the Victorian light colors of burgundy and gold. Both colors are extremely popular in Victorian decorating, but they also bring out a vintage flavor in this era. Try using teal green curtains or throws to define the areas where light and windows will be coming in. You can also use the same colors for your wallpaper and rugs. A crisp ivory white area rug will really tie the room together and bring in the dark colors of the Victorian decorating.

Next, think about the walls. You can paint the walls a deep shade of red, which will add to the richness of the colors you’ve chosen. Or you can try a lighter shade of red for a pop of color. Another good option is burgundy, which can create a wonderful combination with warm yellow tones. Use these two colors to add warmth to the room.

Next, bring in some accent furniture. A chunky antique iron that you can’t take away from your living space would be a great addition, as would an area rug or an attractive sofa. You could also add a coffee table and end tables in this area to complete the look. Be sure to keep the room clutter-free, since a lot of Victorian homes had very little furniture and all of it was kept in great disarray.

Tips for Adding Live Plants to Feel Like Outdoors

The flooring in this room should be soft and welcoming, especially if your floor is made of stone or ceramic tile. You can use warm earthy colors such as yellow or terracotta for the floors, or add a splash of contemporary color with black and white tiles. Add some plant life to make the room feel more like the outdoors.

The lighting in the room should be just right. This can be done with some very dramatic lights, or soft ambient lights. If you want to go with soft lights, then go with pale blueish shades, or add a candle with white lights. If you want a brighter mood, then go with green or purple. If you want both, then use aqua or sky blue.

Finally, add some decorative pieces to the room. If you have a Victorian lamp in this room, then you may want to use that instead of trying to use a modern lampshade on it. Also, you may want to use a Victorian style wallpaper to give the room some warmth and coziness.

Use Victorian-Style Furniture Like Antiques

Creating a Victorian small living room is easy when you use Victorian decorating ideas. Remember to use lots of Victorian furniture, such as old wood tables, large and ornate China cabinets, and lots of antiques. The Victorian look is fun and flamboyant, and you’ll love how your home feels once it’s Victorian!

Don’t forget to use window treatments to set the mood for your room. Since you’re after a Victorian style, you should use rich, dark hues for your curtains, while using lighter ones for your drapes and valances. You can use prints if you want, but remember that they have to be very deep and rich. You can even go with an over-the-top floral print if you want. For your lampshades and tablecloths, opt for deep, rich colors like mahogany, ebony, or walnut, or bright floral designs.

If you have a Victorian flooring in your home already, you can easily turn it into a Victorian small living room with just a few changes. For example, you can install a mantel or built-in bookcase as a centerpiece for the room. You can find Victorian style tables and chairs at most furniture stores. For the walls, you can use old photographs or old pictures that you have framed and hang them on the wall.


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