How To Design A Small French Dining Room

40 – If you live in a small town in the French Alps, a small French country home, or a studio apartment where space is at a premium, you have a small dining room. Or you might even live in a very small flat in Paris. Dining rooms are typically much larger than any other room in the home. And yet, dining rooms can be very enjoyable and relaxing, even when space is limited. Here are some ideas for enhancing your small French dining room.

Small French Country House Furniture

A small French country house is often equipped with a small rustic table and chairs along with a small French folding table. In these smaller living spaces, it’s all about the style. Small tables, small chairs, and large walls of window dressings can all add warmth and color to your small French living room space. This image could only be applied for editorial purposes relating to newsworthy events or of interest to the general public and can never be used for commercial, advertisement or promotional uses.

A small French country house can also have a small rustic French country dining table top that is made of solid wood. Because the table top is so small, it can be used to create an intimate conversation area in which people can share quickie bites of food without having to speak directly to one another. A round French table top can make a small table look cozy and inviting and also provide places for napkin placement and other decorative items. The round table top also makes it easy for friends or family to stay for just a short while, perhaps for a few meals or snacks, and then join you for a chat.

Interesting Ideas to Beautify a Small Dining Room

An interesting idea for enhancing a small dining room is to install a single piece of furniture that really brings the room together. For instance, if there is only one large piece of French furniture in the room, perhaps a chandelier or some sort of table and chair combination, then that piece can be displayed prominently in the center of the room. If that large centerpiece is a table, then it may be wise to place the smaller tables around it so that the small dining area is not so crowded.


If you are in need of a creative solution for a small French dining room, consider creating a triangular pattern out of two small tables placed side by side. Use three small chairs in the middle of this arrangement to create a small booth style of dining seating. This looks very contemporary, but because of its small scale, it is easy to get lost in the design and actually ends up looking quite cozy.

Tips To Use Space Effectively

One other way to utilize space effectively in a small dining room is to put two separate, larger pieces of furniture on opposite ends of a single long table. These can be individual tables, but if you are going with a more traditional look, make sure they go with the rest of the furnishings. For example, a four poster table might be paired with a larger, rectangular dining table that has four posts on its bottom. By pairing these types of furniture items, you will be able to create three seating areas in one space. Of course, the individual tables and chairs will have their own specific function within the small dining room, but it will create a more classic appeal.

Once you have created a small French dining space, then it is time to furnish. As was mentioned above, always keep in mind that the overall theme of the room should match the style of the furniture. If you are going with an antique look, then you will want to select tablecloths and napkins that match the color scheme of the walls. If you are going with more of a modern look, then you will want to use flat colors, such as white, gray, and black. You can also go with a glass top table, if you wish, or even a marble table. Just remember that the color scheme and overall theme of the room need to complement each other.

Remember that the small French dining room does not need to be small. The point is to try and create a unique space that you can enjoy spending time in while entertaining friends and family. If you feel like it, you can even turn the space into an office area for your computer at the same time! It all depends upon what you are most comfortable with and what makes you feel good as a person.


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