How To Lose Weight Based On My Experience

how to lose weight

Hello, guys how are you today? I hope you are in a good condition because today I will give you some tips on how to lose weight. Actually, it is not really hard to lose weight on our body. We just need to do it seriously if you want to get an ideal body. Don’t be lazy in doing the activities that you want to do to reduce your weight or it will be hard for you to do it.

A few years ago, I was as fat as some people who read this article to help them in reducing their weight. But, I tried to do something that can make my body back to the normal size. Finally, I have succeeded to do it and now I will share you the tips to reduce weight that I have done. Let’s check it out, guys.

How To Lose Weight?

Drink Water Before You Eat

It is good to drink water first if you are going to eat because it can make you a little bit full. So, you will decrease your portion. But, you have to do it diligently os you will not get the maximum result. All of you can do this tips without thinking about the negative effects because it is a natural way.

Eat Smaller Portion

Some of the people think they should eat a lot but just a few times in a day. For example, they increase the portion but just eat two or three times in a day. Actually, it is wrong and it just increases your weight. The right way is you eat in a small portion but eat around five or six times in a day.

Don’t Eat At Night

I suggest you not to eating at night or eat a lot of snacks. Eating At Night can make your weight grow faster and all of your effort to reduce it will be nothing.

Do Some Exercise

It is important to keep your body stay fit and always in a good condition. Doing exercise is not only can keep your health but also can reduce your weight. It can burn the calories and fat in your body effectively.


This is the last tips for reducing weight and it is the most important one when you want to get an ideal body. You need a good and strong motivation in order to achieve your goal. Just remember your goal and you will lose your weight easily.

I think that’s all that I can tell about how to lose weight for today. I hope this tips can be useful for you who wants to reduce your body weight. If you find that this tips can help you a lot please share it with your friends who may need this tips. Don’t forget to leave your comment or suggestion and I will be glad to receive all of your suggestion to improve my website. Okay then, this it the end of my article, thank you for reading and see you next time. Have a nice day, guys.


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