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Tips For You Who Want To Marry At Young Age

Tips For You Who Want To Marry At Young Age
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Hi guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share you some tips from me for you who want to marriage at young age without burdening your parents. Sometimes we hear that marriage isn’t an easy thing to do and it’s really expensive. But we need mature plans to live as an adult after marriage.

Are you and your couple ready to live as an adult after marriage? Do both of you have set a plans to live after marriage?

Here are some tips from me If You Want Marry Young Age

1. Make A Future Plan For Both Of You

Before start saving your money, try to aim your target so you and your couple have a clear target for your saving. So there’s no more excuse for not saving your money because now you have a future plan for you and your lover.

For Example:

For 2 years both of you can save for wedding expenses.
For 5 years both of you can save for your future house Down Payment(DP) along with the credit.


NB: You can choose a bank with a low-interest rate so you don’t need to make another bank account for your house and maybe they can make the requirement a little easier for you.


2.Make Shared Bank Account

Split your salary into a few part and save 30% of both your salary into your shared bank account. But if you feel 30% is heavy for you, maybe you can get a little soft to yourself. Maybe you can lower it you 15%, but remember lower your saving will take longer to marry your prince/princess.

For Example

Both of you have $ 2.500 Salary, and your total saving is 30%

so it can be count like this

30% * (2.500*2) = 1.500

you need to save $1.500/ month

in 1 year it would be

1.500 * 12 = $18.000

in 2 years it would be

1.500 * 24= $36.000

3.You Can Start Buying Gold For Your Investation

If you want to live apart from your parents after marriage you need to have a plan to buy your own house before marriage. While saving for buying a house, you can rent a house a while. There are so many ways to collecting money, but the easier way is with gold investation. You know gold have a stable price and will rise a little every month. This small investation will be very useful for you when you want to buy your own house.


You and Your couple buy a gold 2 grams every month. In 2 years, you will have 48 grams gold.

If 1 gram gold = $38.91

It means you have

38.91 * 48= $1867. 68

NB: Buy your gold and keep it in Bank along with the certificate, and don’t forget to sell it after 2 or 3 years.

You know this is all info I can give to you for your marriage if you really want to marry at young age. Remember to count your age and to ask your parent, don’t forget to ask your couple. Because marry means you and him/her life and make a choice together and it means you and him/her will live a whole new life with more responsibilities and more thing to think about. I hope this Information can be useful for you.


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