Kitchen Wall Opening Ideas

22 – A bold painted wall packs a visual punch in kitchens, and can also act as a partition between dining and cooking areas. Here, a pretty green scheme looks fresh and inviting.

Practical Wall Decoration Ideas

Framed wallpaper samples make a great alternative to painting a feature wall, and can tie in colour choices that feature throughout the space. Here, a Dandy Spoons wallpaper mural adds humor and flair to a family kitchen diner. Chopping boards are a practical wall decor idea, allowing you to display your favorite crockery without clogging up cabinet space. They are also available in a range of styles and finishes, so you can match them to your kitchen décor. You can even choose a reversible board that has one side for food preparation and another for serving.

Consider painting a section of a wall with chalkboard paint (such as this brown kraft option, PS20 for 2, Amazon) to create a fun and personal feature that will look just as great when it’s covered in Parisian menus or motivational quotes as it does with family shopping lists. This option is also easy to wipe clean and will last longer than a standard painted surface. A gallery wall is a classic way to decorate your kitchen walls. Mix and match frames, artwork, and photos to create a unique and interesting display. If your kitchen is full of saturated tones, try a landscape art piece that reflects those colors. Or, if you prefer something more playful, opt for a neon light that spells out a fun slogan or word.

Decorative shelves are a great way to add visual interest to kitchen wall openings. Whether they are stacked with glassware, books or framed art, decorative shelving allows homeowners to show off their personal style. Just remember that it is better to use a few well-chosen pieces than a lot of clutter. Leaving some negative space also helps the decor to stand out, say experts.

Plants Warm Up the Shelf Decor and Are Perfect for the Theme

If your shelves are bare, consider painting them in a color that matches your kitchen cabinets. You can also decorate your shelves with decorative plants and greenery for a fresh look. Plants warm up the shelf decor and work for any decorating theme or color scheme. For easy maintenance, choose trailing plants or succulents. You can also use modern vases or creative containers to make the display feel more elevated. Faux flowers and grasses are another good option for a shelf decor that requires little maintenance. You can also display framed family photos on the shelves for a personalized touch.

Ledges are an ideal way to add visual interest to a kitchen wall. They are often less bulky than shelves, which makes them ideal for tight spaces. These ledges are also easy to style with fresh flowers, books, or decorative pieces. A framed piece of artwork can be a smart option for a high ledge, especially if it is in a shade that coordinates with the rest of the room’s decor. However, the art shouldn’t be too large, as it can overtake a small space. Instead, try using a staggered layout that allows the frames to better fill the space.

Another great idea is to use vases to decorate a high ledge, as they look beautiful and are usually available in various sizes. You can even find a variety of different types of decorative vases, such as ceramic ones. Adding some colorful flowers will make your high ledge even more appealing. If you’re not a fan of real flowers, consider adding some artificial plants that look very similar to their real-life counterparts.

An Easy Way to Add Style and Character

Since kitchen walls are largely upstaged by cabinetry, a single piece of art is an easy way to add style and character. There are plenty of options, from cladding an entire wall in paneling to wallpapering in a bold print. You can also use hanging shelves to showcase kitschy coffee mugs or orderly pitchers and plates.

Whether your kitchen is painted in on-trend neutral hues or a bold accent color, there’s a wide selection of artwork that can work with any palette. Framed prints with simple geometric patterns are a great option, as are landscapes that feature sweeping ocean views or leafy jungles. If you want something a little more creative, consider a colorful abstract painting with groovy swirls or brush-stroke polka dots. If you love food, you can create a focal point with kitchen artwork that depicts fruits or vegetables. These bright paintings look stunning hung in a grouping, and they can be complemented by matching framed posters. Alternatively, you can also try a fun and witty quote that expresses your love of cooking or tea time.


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