Make Your Kitchen More Eclectic – The Ins and Outs of Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

54 – Is an eclectic kitchen perfect for you? Maybe you’re thinking it is, but you have never tried one. You may be surprised to know that the average homeowner has little or no experience designing an eclectic kitchen. There are several things you should know before diving in and making your kitchen an eclectic blend of modern and traditional tastes.

Dazzling Eclectic Kitchen Style Ideas

Try adding one or two of these six eclectic kitchen-style ideas to your home. Each eclectic kitchen appears to share this focus-grabbing quality: an attention-grabbing feature presentation. Occasionally, it’s just an extra vintage tile work or a dazzling wine rack. In other cases, the eclectic items are one-of-a-kind appliances or hand-crafted wood pieces. Regardless of the eclectic theme you select, there is a good chance that these individual elements will mesh well together.

If you’d like to add a touch of the Victorian era to your eclectic kitchen, consider using an old-fashioned teakettle with a wicker stem holder and a wrought iron urn for your range hood. Also, consider replacing your old stools with new ones made from rattan or wicker that match the color of your cabinets and granite countertops. Stools can be replaced with bar stools if you have room, as well as end tables and buffets.

Another way to create an eclectic kitchen is to select countertop appliances that match your tile and flooring. Many contemporary sets include common items like the standard stainless steel faucet and soap dish. An eclectic shopper could replace the standard flooring with bold mosaic tiles or expensive stone tiles that complement their range hood and stove. Some homeowners decide to use several bold colors or patterns on their flooring to produce a “blend” look.

The Easiest Way to Combine Different Styles for the Kitchen

In terms of countertops, some homeowners have a hard time choosing just one style. While some go with a granite countertop, others prefer a limestone or marble countertop. Other homeowners go with ceramic tile for their kitchen backsplash or butcher block for their walls. Tiles are the easiest way to incorporate different styles into your eclectic kitchen. However, homeowners should remember that they should match colors and materials throughout their kitchen to make it consistent.

For the flooring in the eclectic kitchen, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can choose from a variety of natural materials, including granite, ceramic tile, wood, marble, and concrete. If you’re looking for texture, there are dozens of textured materials to choose from, including concrete, granite, slate, sandstone, brick, and other surfaces. For the walls, homeowners may use a variety of textures, including distressed wood, brick, chalkboard, wallpaper, mural paper, and even fabric. Decorating the walls in an eclectic fashion is actually very easy and can give your kitchen an extra special feel.

Using Counters in an Eclectic Kitchen Design

The cabinets are a great place to incorporate a few different styles and colors. Many homeowners like to mix and match cabinet styles and use a mixture of geometric designs and patterns on their cabinets. You can also use this same idea when it comes to the countertops. For the most part, the counters in an eclectic kitchen design will be either stainless steel granite, limestone, or concrete. While you want to mix and match textures and patterns, keep in mind that you need to stay away from heavy, black or dark marbles or anything with too many darker colors.

One of the nicest things about an eclectic kitchen is that it has so much versatility. Mix and match style elements so that they don’t clash with each other. For example, you could use a granite countertop with some wood trim in a nautical theme, and some wooden accents on the cabinets. When you combine different textures and materials, you open your palette up to all sorts of interesting possibilities. Your family will love having a place they can feel comfortable in, and you will enjoy the ease at which you can transform a standard, traditional kitchen into a truly eclectic kitchen style. If you have and want to send articles to kevindailystory, you can visit this page!


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