Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity – Adding Elegance to Your Bathroom With Classy Shabby Tiles

50 – Shabby bathrooms can add a wonderful touch of class to any home. They are unique in their charming simplicity. They are rooms of beauty and can often be found in old homes or on older architecture. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, consider using shabby chic bathroom accessories for a more cozy, historic feel. There is no need to replace your fixtures and fittings; just enhance them with some interesting or vintage pieces that can make your room feel like it was taken out of a time capsule.

Popular Rustic Wood Floor Decoration Style

Rustic wooden flooring is very popular in this decorating style. You will find aged wood throughout the house. Some pieces may have been used long ago and restored, while others may be new construction. The tiles are usually very smooth and have aged colors to match the wood. There are several different types of rustic wooden flooring available to choose from including ornate scroll work, cedar shakes, and laminates.

The vanity area is where your bathroom looks its best with shabby chic design elements. The walls are typically lined with a variety of distressed colors, and the fixtures and furnishings are all lining and placed to add a worn effect. In addition to the walls, the ceiling can also be lined in shabby chic bathroom accessories with checkered tiles.

Candles make the room even more feminine. In this decorating style, you will want to use scented candles with feminine colors. Look for delicate white ones with subtle hints of pink or peach. They can be made from silk, pine, or rattan, and the wicks can be made from paper, wicker, or even bamboo. You can find these Candles in antique stores, and there are some that are quite old-fashioned with very detailed glass and needlework.

Using a Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity

If you are going with shabby chic bathroom vanities, try using storage bins in abundance. This adds sparkle to the room, but be sure the storage is functional for the items you need to place there. Think of bins with doors like the wooden storage boxes with the lids that have doors. Use clear plastic storage bins if you do not want the storage to be obvious. Or, fill the bins with teakwood beads or teak leaves. There are other types of storage you could use such as flower pots, dish racks, wall art, or jewelry boxes.

As for the bathroom essentials, this can include towels, washcloths, bath robes, face towels, body towels, shower curtains, and wash tubs. Try not to place too many items on the countertop of your Shabby chic bathroom vanity. Instead, try to use shelves or cabinets instead. Pink is a color you would definitely want to tone down on because of how it can be so overwhelming. Remember, you do not have to go all out on the pink theme. A simple solid color bathroom towel set, a few solid colors for the linens and towels, and one or two accent colors would be just fine.

Favorite Accent Color For Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to accent colors, remember that you can add a splash of anything you want. Consider adding a few pink faux silk rugs to the bathroom floor and try to replicate the look of wet pink tile. If you do not have pink, consider using a different shade of red, such as teal, burnt orange, or lime green. Other popular accent colors for shabby chic bathroom vanities include black and white, brown, and gray.

The tub and shower surround are one area where you do not want to overdo. If there are already too many colors and accents in your bathroom, add a touch of class with some classic vintage tiles. There are many different kinds of tiles that can be used to create the look of shabby chic bathroom vanity. Using tiles from the past will add a charming touch of elegance to your bathroom.


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