Shabby Chic Dining Rooms

115 – If you are in the hunt for a great touch of chic in your family’s dining area, consider shabby chic dining room furniture. This sophisticated and inviting style can help you create a cozy, inviting space with little effort. Here are some chic options to consider. Buffet, Hutch, and Sideboard!

Beautiful Design for Shabby Chic Makan Dining Room

A simple, old-fashioned credenza that you might pick up at an antique yard sale in your area would be ideal in your shabby chic dining room. Distressed cor is ideal for this kind of space, which comes in many different shapes and sizes to complement your home’s existing furnishings and decor. A distressed cor with a crystal chandelier is a beautiful design that would work well with any color scheme. For a more southwestern feel, choose a cor in earth tones or for a classic design, try a crystal chandelier.

Love romantic nights in bed? Add some romance to your shabby chic dining room by adding a romantic floral print fabric or, if you’d rather go soft, choose a single-tone white or ivory fabric with a crystal chandelier as the focal point. This type of room is perfect for two people who love to dine by candlelight: place a votive candle inside to set the mood. The romantic smell of the candle will help you feel close to your partner, creating the perfect atmosphere for intimate conversations and future nights in bed.

Best Furniture Decoration for Shabby Chic Dining Room

The romantic feel isn’t limited to just your shabby chic dining room; consider decorating the rest of your home in this charming decorating style. Wrought iron furniture, antique chairs, and other period furnishings make for a cozy, English country look. Lighter colors and wood tones in these furnishings pair beautifully with shabby chic chairs, tables, lamps, and curtains. If you prefer a lighter touch of decorating, consider painting your walls a warm hue to give your room an inviting feel.

A shabby chic dining room is a great place to enjoy food with friends, family, or your special someone. A buffet table and wooden furniture add sophistication to a casual breakfast nook, while vintage chandeliers and a floral accent add elegance to a formal dining area. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, try a wall-mounted, buffet-style table with a vintage chandelier or a buffet with wooden furniture.

Creating a Dining Room with a Complete Look

To create your shabby chic dining room with white furniture, choose pieces with graceful, straight lines and simple finishes. A polished wooden pedestal table is a stylish focal point that pairs well with vintage glassware, candles, and a floral accent. If you like the look of crystal chandeliers in your furniture, a crystal candle holder and matching candelabra can complete the look.

If you prefer a little more color, a deep red or burgundy shabby chic dining area with wrought iron furniture, colorful fabrics, and iron accents is the perfect way to create your dreamy whites dining spaces. Pair a chic French chandelier with silky satin drapes or a hand-stitched quilted couch to bring out the beauty of this unique decorating style. A rustic metal tray and wooden coffee table complete the look. You can use your shabby chic dining rooms as the perfect getaway for romantic dates or special occasions with friends.

Another great way to get the shabby chic dining room you’ve always wanted is to add interesting items to your walls and tapestry as table runners, place cards, or wall art. Inset wall art or reproductions in rich colors such as burgundy, olive, or cream to add warmth to the space. A glass plate rack and wine rack are ideal for displaying China and glassware. These items do not have to be old or damaged to work in this decorating style. A wall sconce can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall and then use it as a runner to line the middle of the dining room table with coordinating chairs.


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