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what is fidget spinner

Nowadays, there is a new phenomenal thing called Fidget Spinner. Actually, it was invented since the year 1990 but this toy was popular and booming in 2017. I don’t know exactly who is the person who makes this toy become so popular for the first time. But, all I know is that Catherine Hettinger is the inventor of this thing. So, today I want to discuss a bit about what is Fidget Spinner? Just check out this article for more details because I will discuss everything that you need to know about it.

What Is Fidget Spinner?

It is a new toy that appears months behind. This type of toy is really phenomenal and it can attract so many people’s attention from all over the world to try to play it.

How To Play Fidget Spinner?

The way to play Fidget Spinner is really simple and easy. We just need to hold the center part of it which used as the handle by using our thumb and forefinger. You can choose to hold it with your right hand or left hand because it all depends on you. If you hold the Fidget Spinner by using your left hand then, you can use your right hand to spin the toy. Just use your right forefinger to spin it and let it spin until it stops itself. You can also place it on the ground or the table while you press the center part of it with one of your forefingers. Then, spin it with the other forefinger and it will spin on the ground.

Fidget Spinner Design

Fidget Spinner consists of a bearing in the center which used as the handle. It was made from a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper, and plastic. The most common Fidget Spinner has three sides and some others have just only two sides or more than three sides (maybe 4 or 5). Even there is a Fidget Spinner which has a round shape like a wheel. Also, there are some of it which have a unique shape such as Batman logo, Shuriken, Captain America’s shield and etc. It depends on the makers of this toy.

fidget spinner model

What Does It For? Is It Useful?

I heard that this toy can be used to decrease stress. Some people believe it and some others are not. Myself is not too believe that this toy can reduce stress. But actually, this toy is used to help the people who have a trouble with focusing or fidgeting (the symptoms which can be found on autism and anxiety. But, some experts have a different thought about this toy. Some of them are supporting this claim while the others do not agree with it. They think that Fidget Spinner is just used as a distraction. So, we can conclude that its use will depend on the people who use it since there are some different thoughts about this toy.

Where Can I Buy This Toy?

Since it becomes so phenomenal, we can find this toy everywhere such as the market, roadside trader, mall, and even the online shop. The price will vary from the cheapest one to the most expensive one.

Okay, I ended the discussion about what is Fidget Spinner for today. Thanks for joining and share your comments in the box below.


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