The Saddest Movies Based On My Opinion

the saddest movies

Hello, how are you, guys? You are good, right? Today, I would like to say welcome to my website and the topic is all about the saddest movies. Do you ever watch sad movies? Do you love it? I love it so much because it can make people who watch it crying. A Sad story is the best of all for me.

Now, I have some recommendation for you if you want to watch some of the very good sad movies. These movies are all based on my own opinion because I have watched it for many times and I think they are the best above all. So, here are some of the best sad movies that I can share with you. Let’s check it out, guys.

The Saddest Movies

1. The Fault In Our Stars.

The Fault In Our Stars is very good for a couple and this is one of the sad movies to watch. It tells the story of two teenagers who suffer cancer named Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). The story begins where Hazel is forced by her parents to attend a support group and then she meets Augustus another cancer patient in that support group who lost one of his legs because of bone cancer. By the time they get closer and then they are falling in love. After that, they spend their time together and supporting each other.

And the saddest part of this movie is when Augustus health has become worsens and he is taken to the ICU. He realizes that he is dying and he will die soon. Then, it really happened and he died. Augustus invites his blind best friend Isaac and Hazel to come to his funeral. Hazel is very shocked and she cried because the person she loves very much has gone. But, she still loves him although he is no longer by her side.

2. Titanic.

This is the best sad movie that I ever watch in my life and it is still everyone’s favorite sad movie although it is an old movie. This movie is about two people from different class, Jack Dawson (Leonardo Di Caprio), a poor artist and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), a rich first class passenger.

One day, Jack and his friend Fabrizio is winning a ticket of Titanic from a Poker game. Then, he meets with Rose and Jack is falling in love since the first time he saw her. And destiny unites them and they are falling in love each other. But, her mother doesn’t agree if Rose is associate with Jack.

One night, the ship is crashing an iceberg and it makes a big hole in the ship’s hold. After a few hours, the ship starts sinking and they have to save their lives. At the end, they survive from the sinking ship but, they stranded in the middle of the ocean. Finally, Jack cannot hold anymore because of the cold of the water. He died and his body is sinking to the deep of the ocean. When I saw this part, I cannot hold my tears. It is so sad to see your beloved person died in that way.

Luckily, Rose has survived and she is saved by the ship’s crew. After that, she decided to change her name into Rose Dawson. So, touching, right? She shows how much she loves him by changing her name with Jack’s middle name although they haven’t married.

3. Hachiko A Dog Story.

This is a story of a dog who found by an old man in the middle of the night in a train station. This man named Parker and he try to find the person who owns the dog but no one is there. Then, he brings the dog to his home and named him Hachi. By the time, Parker and Hachi become very close and he tries to train Hachi. But, Hachi refuses to do what he is asking for.

Then, a few years has gone and Hachi has become bigger. Everyday Hachi is always accompanying its master on the way to the train station and then he comes back home by its own. At the afternoon, Hachi comes back to the train station to come after its master and they come back home together.

One day, Parker is sick and then he died. But, Hachi keeps waiting for its master on the train station and so many people are amazed by Hachi’s loyalty and they are very sad to see Hachi waiting for its master everyday at the same place and at the same time.

Finally, Hachi died and he never meets his master until the end. It is so sad, right? Hachiko is my favorite sad movie because it is very touching. How can a dog show its love to its master in that way? I cannot imagine if I see it by my own eyes.

That is all the saddest movies that I ever watch and it is all from my own opinion. I hope you can understand if your favorite sad movies are not included here. And hopefully, this article can be useful for you and all the readers. Okay then, I think this is the end of my article for today. Keep visiting my website kevindailystory. Thank you for reading and see you.


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