The Most Popular Sports In The World, Based on My Opinion!

the most popular sports in the world

Welcome back again to your only favorite website kevindailystory. Today, I have a very interesting topic and the boys will love it so much. Now, I would like to discuss the most popular sports in the world. As we know, there are so many kinds of sport that we can do to make our body healthy or to be watched such as tennis, hockey, bowling and still much more.

There are a lot of advantages that you can get by doing sport. But, as we already know that there are only a few of sport which is become the people’s favorite. And I have some of the sport that already become the world’s most favorite sports. Just for your information that this article is based on my opinion so if your favorite sport is not mentioned here, I hope that you can understand. Now, let’s check out the article below.

The Most Popular Sports In The World

1. Boxing.

For me, Boxing can be categorized as an extreme sport because there is a lot of violence in this sport so there is a greater chance to get injured. Many people love to watch this kind of sport rather than to do it by themselves. Although, there is too much violence but there are so many people who learn Boxing as a martial art to protect themselves.

2. Tennis.

Actually, this sport is not too popular in Asia but in America and Europe, it is very popular. I think it is because of there are fewer people from Asia who play in the tournament rather than the American or the European people. It is quite hard for the Asian to compete with those two. But, many people from around the world watched the tournament a lot. That’s why I say that tennis is very popular.

3. Basketball.

This is one of the world’s most favorite sports that you can try. This sport is very popular, especially in America. You need to dribble the ball by using your hand and shoot it to the ring to get a score. Basketball is good to make you taller because you have to jump a lot in this sport.

4. Football/Soccer.

This one is the most watched sport in the world and also the most played. Start with the children until the adult loves it so much. It is because football is easy to play and also very interesting to watch. In this sport, you need to dribble the ball by using your feet and try to score a goal. Actually, you can use all of the parts of your body except your hand.


From the article above I can say that football is the most popular sports in the world and also the most favorite one. Not only to be played but also to be watched. All people from around the world must know what is football. And if you look at the supporters of football, you will see that football is like a religion rather than a sport because they are so fanatic. That’s why I can say that it is the most popular one.

Okay then, that is all that I can share with you for today, guys. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you and I hope that you can share this article with your friends. And if you want to find more information or tips just check out my website kevindailystory as the best place to gain information. Alright, guys thank you for reading and see you in the next article. Ciaooo


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