The Top 3 Famous Fashion Brands

25 – Fashion is always changing and most clothing brands want to be in line with the ever-changing fashion trends. Those who are into fashion and know what’s current are very much on top of new fashion designs and fashions. Everybody loves to buy fashionable clothes that are always of the current fashion, and nowhere else can one buy the most fashionable of outfits, but right in a particular clothing store. High-class clothing brands have always been in huge demand and the main reason why they’ve been successful is due to a combination of fine designs, beautiful craftsmanship, impeccable attention to details, and high quality.

Famous Fashion Brand Originating From Italy

There have been several famous fashion brands which have come from Italy. One of these Italian brands is Gucci. It all began in Florence around 1921 and was founded by Giorgio Armani. Armani wanted to create a stylish and elegant Italian style and hence began creating unique and gorgeous Italian clothing.

Another Italian designer who had a part in making Italian luxury fashion brands famous is Stefano Gabbana. He is the founder of Gabbana, which means “little garland”. The name itself is taken from an old opera which is called La Traviata. Stefano Gabbana, today is a world famous designer and is in charge of the entire design process at Gabbana.

The third famous fashion brand that has come from Italy is Gucci. This brand was founded by two Italian immigrants, Giannini and Fabbiano. Giannini came from the prosperous Mafia family in Modena, while Fabbiano came from the Venetian family. Both of them knew that they had to find a way to create high-quality, fashionable clothing that would be highly recognizable among both male and female celebrities. Thus, they decided to create their own label for both men and women, thus creating Gucci.

The Beauty of the Gucci Fashion Brand

Today, Gucci is known not only for its fabulous clothing but also for its unique and creative design sense. They are great at coming up with new designs each year which will surely be a hit with their famous celebrity fans. Each year, they hold an international fashion week, where they get ready to walk the red carpet wearing glamorous and amazing clothing that will surely be a big hit with their famous fans.

The four famous Italian designers who started their clothing lines in the early 80s are Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. These two designers created some of the most famous designs in the fashion world. Each designer has his/her own style, and both have created timeless pieces that have been seen on the red carpet. For example, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created the Dolce & Gabbana line of clothing that includes glamorous dresses, jewelry, shoes, accessories and more. Their entire collection is worth a billion US dollars.

The World’s Leading Fashion House

Another designer to watch out for when shopping is Balmain. Balmain is known mainly for their amazing line of casual and elegant clothing. In fact, Balmain has been named as one of the leading fashion houses in the world by Forbes Magazine. Balmain founder Mario Moretti was a World War IIavy bomber. He started his company with a few other immigrants from communist countries who wanted to make clothing for the war effort. Today, Balmain is known worldwide for their unique style, making them the brand to wear this season.

The third famous fashion house to watch out for is Christian Dior. founded by the famous fashion designer Christian Dior, the company offers luxurious clothing and accessories that have a style all their own. Dior originally began as a workshop for the artisans of Europe, which later led to creating a fashion line. The Dior mission statement reads: “We follow the view that beauty is a way of life, not just a need.”


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