Five Unique Village Around The World

Five Unique Village Around The World

Hello guys, welcome back to our website again. Today I want to share you about Unique Villages Around The World. As you know this world have so many tribe and culture, and each of them has a unique thing to see. Even sometimes crazy and ridiculous, but that’s the world with so many unique things in it.

As you know some village around the world unexposed to the outer world. Sometimes they are so primitive or maybe they just love to be old style

Here is The List Of Five Unique Village Around The World

1. Floating Village On Titicaca Lake’s

It’s really amazing this village floating on Titicaca Lake and floating. Located below 3812 meters on Peruvian grassland. This village was built by people from Uros from Peru in Inca Era. This village was built from Tortora pampas grass and they make it so it can last for years or even centuries.

2. Bone-Bone Village Without Cigarettes Smokes

Bone-Bone Village has ban cigarettes for their villagers long time ago. Not only for their villagers but this rule apply to tourist too. When this rule was built this rule just social norm but now it’s already written and become an official rule to not smoking in this village.

3. Village With Full Of Long Hair Lady


For every woman, hair is something so important. But, in China especially for Yao Ethnic in HungLao Village in China, the meaning of hair is more than that. Located on Guilin, China, HungLao Village has 82 families is Yao Tribe. But there’s one unique tradition in here, woman in here are really obsessed to having l ong hair. Not only they have a credit from Guiness World Of Record as village with longest hair in the world.

4. Village With 100 Identical Twins

This Kondiji Village have a unique thing and will makes you shock and if you come to here prepare to confuse, because everyone in here are identical twins. The only ways to know the different is to see the birth mark on their neck. According to hospital data, they handle almost 100 until 150 identical twins 10 years. But the mystery about this village still remain a mystery without any logical explanation.

5. Hokse Village

People in Hokse Village, Nepal are really poor and that makes them have to sell one of their kidneys for their daily expense. This thing has been done since long time ago and make this village become popular among people who need kidney because of their disease. They even have the popular nickname “Ginjal Village”. Sometimes some evil people deceive them and telling a lie by telling people only need 1 kidney for life, and after surgery, their kidney will eventually grow again.

That’s the info about some unique villages from me. The fact is, sometimes human are rude they even trick each other only for money. But did you know? some village in the world life are prettier and easier than in town because they help each other. So, thanks for reading my article about Unique Villages Around The World. See you later.


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