Victorian Study Room Ideas

471 – If you are planning to renovate your home or are already in the process of doing so, then there is no better option than a Victorian study room. This type of study is perfect for a girl’s bedroom as it provides a more romantic ambience. The floor plan is basically the same as any standard size study. There are two to two hundred shelves and more than fifty to one hundred drawers. As the floor plan of the Victorian study room is quite simplified, the rest of the furniture and decor can be adjusted to fit into the space very easily.

The Main Components That Make Up the Study Room

The main components that comprise a study room are the desk, cabinets and chairs. All these items are available in many sizes, colors and materials. Before purchasing any piece of furniture for your study room, you will need to decide what theme you want to set. You can either go for a traditional or contemporary look, depending on the feel that you are trying to create.

Before starting anything else, it would be ideal if you first conduct research on what Victorian furniture really looks like. You may either visit your local library or do a search over the internet. In this case, it will be helpful if you know exactly what type of qualities that you need from a Victorian study room. Basically, the style of your room will depend on what era is most predominant. If your study room is for a girl, then you will definitely want to stick to the classic Victorian style.

Choose the Right Wooden Shelf

As the Victorian study room is quite simplified, it does not require too much flooring. All you need are some wooden shelves, a few shelves made of wood, drawers, a cupboard and bookcases. For the flooring, you may consider using tiles to create a mosaic pattern. Alternatively, if you are going for an antique look, then using antiques such as those made of terracotta is highly recommended. To make it even more authentic, consider applying stencils and painting the walls in different colors.

Now that you have your furnishing, the next thing that you would want to do is to decorate it accordingly. If the room is rather airy, then you can keep the furniture light and simple, with plain cushions and throw pillows on chairs. The furniture can be in plain tones of brown and beige or any light color that blends well with the walls and floors.

Victorian Decoration in Study Room

Now that you have your furnishing complete, you can focus on the Victorian decorations that you want to add to your Victorian study room. Decorations are available in many areas. For example, you may find Victorian lamps and candle stands in antique stores. You can also try looking online for a wider selection of Victorian furniture and accessories. If wallpapers or flooring are not what you want, there are also many places where you can choose vintage decors for your study area. Just remember to coordinate the colors, so that the whole room will be enhanced.

In order to make the most out of your study room, there are also some things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to allot enough space for your room. Having a small room does not mean that you can’t create a nice, cosy and relaxing ambiance inside your study room.

Moreover, make sure that you have a good study chair so that you can feel comfortable while you read books or perform your other studies at home. If you have a computer table at home, then get one that will accommodate its monitor and keyboard as well. If you have other study materials such as a PDA or tablet computer, then get a table that has enough space to keep your other gadgets. Another important characteristic that you should consider when decorating your study room is the lighting. There are many study lamp available in the market nowadays so make sure you pick the right one.


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