Basic Information About Japanese Exterior Design Ideas

93 –┬áTraditional Japanese interior design is centered around the main room in the house, which is the timber or the Japanese exterior room. This room is known as ima and is usually the main living area of a Japanese home. Traditional Japanese interior design concept of the timber. Japanese traditional Japanese home on exterior style ideas is really a major part of the gorgeous Japanese design house. Most of the time, if not all, the design of the timber was based on a simple square-shaped room with a closed ceiling. There is no ornamentation in this room.

Japanese House Exterior Design Concept

Japanese traditional house exterior design concepts have changed through the years but one thing is common among them all. The primary component or feature of any Japanese interior design concept is the ima or the front porch. A simple square-shaped room with a closed ceiling, with a few basic furnishings such as a table and chairs. Of course, this is not the complete concept of traditional Japanese interior design.

As the country has developed technologically, so has its house exteriors. The typical construction method today for a Japanese home exterior design concept is to build it on a sloping site. Most of the time this means that they build the house on a hill. There are of course variations to this basic idea, but most Japanese home exterior design ideas take advantage of the rolling hills available everywhere in the country.

Most people that have lived in traditional homes in Japan understand the way in which a Japanese home design traditional house design is characterized by two-storey-high koi fish ponds. This is of course the symbolism that the country is known for in the west. It is a symbol of wealth and extravagance in Japan. The best part about these ponds is that they do not need to be cleaned too often unlike the traditional wooden ponds that would need to be pumped every few weeks.

Beautiful Japanese Style Exterior Appearance

Every home has a gate. This is what separates a Japanese style house from a typical home in Japan. A traditional house is usually without a gate. This gives the exterior’s a much larger appearance than a typical bungalow. One other reason why a traditional Japanese style house is more elaborate is because it also usually stands on higher ground and has more vineyard-style vines growing throughout the interior.

The traditional flooring for a Japanese home exterior is ceramic tile. Other materials can also be used, but the tile is preferred. Most houses in Japan have tile floors. The reason for this is because it is cheap and easily replaced. Also, if there is a power failure or any other emergency, the floors can quickly be replaced due to their resilience.

Popular Garden Designs for Japanese Exterior Homes

Japanese gardens are also a prominent feature of their exteriors. There are many different types of garden designs available in Japan, ranging from simple flower gardens to large-scale designs with trees all around. One popular type of garden is a topic in which every ten meters or so, a pond with fish swims. This adds to the elegance and richness of the garden. Many people also include a miniature version of Mount Fuji in their gardens. The garden design is meant to mimic the natural landscape found in Japan.

As you can see, there are several different elements to take into consideration when designing your home or garden. If you are looking for an elegant design, this may not be possible, but with some basic information on the different styles, you should be able to create something that is unique to your personal tastes. You should also be aware that the use of these Japanese techniques will require some additional work. If you plan to hire a contractor to do the work for you, be sure to include this in your budget. In the end, you will feel proud of your beautiful Japanese-styled home or garden.


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