The Right Choice For Your Exterior Design Needs

45 – Tropical homes and landscapes are often a sight of envy to many people who would love to have a beautiful, tropical exterior as their dream home. The most popular tropical themes for exterior designs are typically Caribbean, Mexican, Indonesian, or Greek. This does not mean, however, that a tropical theme is only for homeowners who live on the warm coast. Many homeowners can benefit from adding a tropical style to their home, no matter where it is located.

Tips for Planning a Tropical Exterior Home

When planning a tropical exterior home, the first thing to decide is what sort of design to use. Some designers use exotic landscapes and tropical flowers to create a lush oasis. Others will choose tropical flowers and foliage to create a beach-like exterior. Still others will create a tropical theme with tropical colors. Choosing the right colors can help set the mood for your design.

For instance, if you live on the Pacific Coast, you may want to choose tropical plants and decorations with bright red, orange, and yellow in them. These colors represent the sun, sand, and surf that your location is so famous for. To add a fresh feel to your design, you can even paint the colors white, which gives your tropical home a “fresh” feeling. However, tropical plants and flowers should never be painted because they will fade over time, and tropical plants are usually much more expensive than indoor plants.

Once you decide the type of tropical decoration you need, the next step is to find the right tools. You will need a large paintbrush (to cover large areas), spray paint, a palette knife, and paintbrushes with different colors. You also need a spray hose, rollers, masking tape, a rotary broom, scissors, and rags. Remember that your interior walls and veranda should be treated as a separate room. Therefore, you should treat your porch and patio doors accordingly.

Bright White Paint Recommended

For example, for a crisp white finish, you can paint your porch and patio doors with a bright white color. The same thing goes for your garage door. For tropical colors, you could use orange and/or lime green paint. If you want a more tropical look, you can use lemon yellow. Remember that it all depends on your preferences and what really matches your exterior home colors.

For a vibrant look, you can brighten up your porch ceiling. For this interior design idea, you can choose bright colors like red or yellow. Remember that you should keep your curtains and cushions very light so that they don’t seem heavy and appear too busy.

Another excellent tropical design idea is using tropical plant and flower decorations. For example, you can put bamboo ferns, palms, or any flowering plant that comes in shades of green, red, yellow, or blue. These tropical plants come in many different heights and sizes. You can also have these tropical plants in taller pots so that you can have them hanging in the open. Of course, hanging baskets with tropical flowers and colorful vases are also great for tropical exterior colors.

Colored Carpets Complete the Tropical Terrace Decor

To complete your tropical porch decor, you can have a beautiful tropical rug placed over top of your furniture. In fact, it’s best to have your rug custom made to match the colors of your house. The right choice of rug will add interest to your porch and provide comfort underfoot. And, it is a fantastic addition to any home. After all, you don’t want your guests to be unprepared when they step into your lovely home.

Another great idea for a fresh feel for your porch is to have a green leaf patterned rug. This type of rug is especially effective if you choose a solid color such as tan, green, pink, black, white, or cream. The green leaf pattern adds a sunny outdoor feeling to your porch that will quickly get your guests excited. This tropical design idea will instantly add a cheerful air to your outdoor living area and is easy to clean.

The Idea of Adding Flowers or Trees Creates a Fresh Feel

If you prefer a tropical plants or flowers, you might also like to try adding some tropical plants to your porch area. You might think about adding palm trees and banana leaves, which come in a multitude of heights and colors. If you want to create a fresh feel but don’t want the hassle of getting real or live plants, you can easily buy silk palm trees or banana leaves and place them in glass jars that you place in the corner of your patio area.

Adding real or live plants or flowers is a great way to provide an air of warmth to your outdoor living area. This is a wonderful idea if you are trying to create a tropical look in an area that typically does not experience very cold temperatures. With the right choice of tropical plants, you will be able to bring the outdoors inside without having to worry about winter weather conditions. If you like this tropical exterior decoration idea, you will enjoy creating a welcoming atmosphere in any area that you choose.


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