Beautiful Kitchens – Color Ideas For Beautiful Kitchens

34 – The first place you go when you wake up is the kitchen. This is where you will brew your morning coffee, eat breakfast, and start your day. So, it makes sense to use bright and energizing colors in the kitchen. For instance, blue and green are both refreshing and energizing colors to use in your kitchen. Just be sure to add white accents to prevent the room from feeling too blue.

Traditional Style Furniture

For traditional style, go for marble countertops and white cabinetry. This will look upscale and elegant in your kitchen. Consider a warm wood island for comfort. The glowing lights add a touch of modern elegance to the space. You can also go for white and add touches of green with framed artwork and lavender topiaries. For a country kitchen, go for white shaker cabinetry with a wood countertop and ceiling. To add interest and contrast, go for brass hardware.

Besides the colours, you may also want to consider how you plan to arrange your cabinetry. While floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide plenty of storage space, they can make a kitchen feel closed off. To break up the monotony, you can use regular cabinets over the backsplash. Glass front cabinets are also an interesting option for breaking up the monochrome look. Make sure to consider the overall layout of your kitchen before choosing a new look for your kitchen.

Blue is another color that works well in kitchens. Blue and green look great together, and you can even use yellow on your cabinets for a pop of color. If you’re worried about adding a pop of color, you can opt for a subway tile backsplash. Just be sure to choose a backsplash that matches the colors of your cabinets. A blue tile backsplash will add a splash of color. It can be hard to choose between blue and green, but a splash of blue in your kitchen can be effective.

Gives a Beautiful Color Blend

The blue and white palettes in this kitchen have a beautiful interplay of colors. The walls, cabinetry, and backsplash all have an off-white background, but the homeowners didn’t want to use too much blue. The blue accents in the kitchen add warmth and interest to the space. And while the color scheme of the kitchen is fresh and light, the copper countertop provides a modern look. A bold color statement in a modern kitchen is guaranteed to turn heads.

The Hecker Guthrie kitchen is a dreamy space with a rosy glow. The design blends seamlessly into the formal living area, with a wood extension extending out from the kitchen. The kitchen island serves as an informal dining space, which is made even more comfortable by the wood extension. The kitchen backsplash is a graphic style of turquoise, while retro appliances keep the homey feel in place. One kitchen designer, Hecker Guthrie, is known for designing gorgeous kitchens.

Make a Pale Green Kitchen

Pale green and white kitchens are complementary and can work in the same space. A yellow kitchen is a happy house, and a cottage kitchen with a wooden floor is definitely a happy house. A mint-green glass tile backsplash adds a pop of color to the neutral white cabinetry. A yellow kitchen, on the other hand, looks more cheerful. The Cottage Company’s kitchen, for instance, features butter-yellow cabinetry.

A small window-filled alcove doubles as a dining room with a casual table, slipcovered end chairs, and a pillow-topped banquette. This built-in bench makes an otherwise small space seem much larger. To keep the space feeling open, the owners installed hardwood floors throughout the house and painted everything. They used old ship lights to light the dining area, and hung them with a rope instead of standard chains.


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