Best Anime Series | According To My Opinion


How are you, guys? Today, I would like to give you some of the best anime series that I ever watch. By the way, let me ask a question for you. Do you know what anime is? We are sure that you already know that, right? But, I will explain a little about it for you who never know what anime is. Anime is an animation film which made by the Japanese. Actually, anime is the abbreviation of animation itself but the Japanese shorten it into anime.

As we know, Japanese anime is very popular all over the world. Every people loves it starts from the children until the adult. I love it, too because anime has a simple and an interesting story. And I like so many anime films but I have some that I love so much. Here are some of best anime to watch according to me.

Best Anime Series

1. Digimon.

This is one of my favorite anime series because it is full of fantasy. Digimon tells the story of eight chosen children from Japan who brought to the digital world to meet the Digimon (Digital Monster). Those children traveled together to save the digital world from the darkness power. In order to do that, they have to get stronger together with their Digimon partner. Along with their journey, they meet up with some enemies who try to stopping them. Digimon is a very good adventure anime series that you have to watch. So, I recommend this film for you who love adventure.

2. Pokemon.

It tells the story of a kid named Ash who wants to become a Pokemon master. In his journey to be the best, he met with Pikachu one of the Pokemon that he acquired and also his best friend. Along the way, he met with some new friends named Misty and Brock. He also met some disturber in Team Rocket. They consist of three people, I mean two people and a Pokemon, Jessie, James and Meow, a Pokemon who can talk like a human. So, if you like an adventure film, you will love this anime.

3. Doraemon.

This is one of the best anime ever. Don’t be mad because it is just from my opinion. Doraemon is the story of Nobita, a kid who can’t do almost everything by himself, lazy, coward, and weak. One day, he met with a cat robot called Doraemon who came from the 21st century. Doraemon is come to help Nobita with his amazing tools from his magical pocket. And Nobita always asked Doraemon to give him a tool that he wants when he is facing a problem. But, Doraemon always followed Nobita’s will because he didn’t have the heart to Nobita who is always unlucky. Overall, the story is very good to be watched and it teach us about how to be a good friend.


That is all the best anime series thatĀ I can share to all of you for today and all of it are based on my own opinion. So, I’m so sorry if yourĀ favorite anime is not included here because as I said these all just from my opinion. But, there are still much good anime out there besides these three. You can give me some advice about your favorite anime by giving a comment. Okay, I think that is the end of my article for today. Hopefully, my article today can give you some references about which anime film that you want to watch. Thank you for reading and see you again in my next article.


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