Bold Colors, Unconventional Patterns

50 – Do you want to design your home in a way that is filled with creativity and emotion? If so, then Bohemian interior style is perfect for you! This style is becoming more popular, as more people desire a relaxed, free-spirited lifestyle. It’s a fun and easy way to add color, texture, and an artistic flare to your home. Many people decorate their dwellings in the Bohemian style to just relax their minds or to get artistic inspiration.

Bohemian Interior Design Combinations

The Bohemian interior design is about combining the conventional with the wild, the modern with the ancient, the mundane with the extraordinary. Many things are combined in this daring decor: rustic woods, eclectic furniture, and unique textiles. The textures used are very unusual and are usually a departure from the conventional.

Textiles are very common in Bohemian living room design because these pieces are naturally very versatile and can go with any color or pattern. Many of the furnishings used, including floor rugs and wall hangings, are handmade or hand painted with very elaborate designs that compliment the natural beauty of the pieces. You’ll also find unusual plants, ceramic tile backsplashes, wrought iron candle holders, unique knick knacks, old glassware and dishes, and knickknacks. There are many interesting textures and shapes to choose from.

Layering is another favorite of Bohemian interiors designers. Different elements can be layered in such a way that it creates an “ornate” or “embellished” look. Bohemian living room design by interior designer, Ann Tran, illustrates how layered looks can work well with this type of home decor. She uses thick slabs of wood in the back and on the table, which are covered with beautifully colored floral designs. A vintage rug can be used as the center piece on a bed of greens and browns.

Colors Important Characteristics of Bohemian Living Room Design

Color is another important characteristic of Bohemian living room design by interior designer, Ann Tran. Colorful fabrics, richly hued linens, and exotic throw add to the rich color scheme. She pairs bold colors with beautiful fabrics in earth tones. Large paintings with scenes of Bohemian landscapes are on the walls and tables. Large picture windows also display some of her favorite artwork.

Art Deco Interior Design by Ann Tran combines the glamour of the glamour era with the boldness of the punk era. She decorates her Bohemian interior design style with wall art that features heavily detailed letters and unusual geometric shapes. The framed art is designed in such a way that it plays up the boldness of the design style. Large oversized paintings that feature zany shapes and bright colors are used as the central pieces on tables and counter tops.

An unconventional Bohemian interior style is showcased by boho baby blankets. The blankets are made from organic cotton and features interesting embroidery and unique color patterns. These colorful pieces make great accent pieces and they come in many different colors and patterns. A unique hand-sewn pillow covers in animal prints add a bohemian flair to an unconventional boho baby blanket.

Bohemian Style Home Design Harmony

In Ann Tran’s Bohemian style, the use of vivid colors is quite common. However, she maintains a very casual style by using neutral colors and pastel shades for textiles, linens and tablecloths. She believes that bold colors should be used to accentuate a neutral style rather than draw attention to a specific color palette. Her home designs often incorporate a rustic style, retro art and a very Bohemian color palette.

Ann Tran’s Bohemian style is highlighted by the large number of plants that she uses. Her choice of plants is quite varied and some of her most striking pieces are potted herbs, plant stand art, flowering orchids, ferns, evergreens, rhododendrons, junipers and conifers. All these natural products are arranged in interesting geometric patterns. They are placed strategically around the house in areas where sunlight can reach them. Tran also includes elements like candles and pottery in her design concepts. She likes bold color combinations such as rich burgundy, deep chocolate and teal, emerald, deep burgundy and burnt orange.

The Best Bohemian Decoration Style Interior Design Trends

One of the latest interior design trends that incorporates an unconventional element is the Bohemian style of decorating. It combines elements of the trendy and modern with classic elements of the rustic and creative. This idea became popular in the late nineteen century, when people began to feel a longing for the simpler times when everything was handcrafted and natural, instead of manufactured.

Today, you will find a lot of Bohemian furniture and decor in the homes of creative interior designers. These pieces come in different patterns, including the use of unique and unusual materials like seashells, animal bones and natural fibers, crystals and wood. For instance, one famous piece is a sofa made of a cushion of ostrich feathers. Other common pieces include candle holders made from shells, ceramic pieces, ceramic birds, vases made of recycled plastic and ceramic eggs, crystal globes, wine stoppers, and silver pieces. In fact, there is no lack of unique and practical pieces that are designed to make your home feel like an oasis.


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